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Feast of Reverence (Sinistra Dei Book 1)

by Kathryn M. Hearst

For centuries, Serena has served as an assassin for one of the most influential forces throughout history–the Catholic Church. Lately, the only assassinations she has in mind are her relationship with Nicholai, and his propensity to lose their mortgage money at the poker table. That is until Nicholai’s human descendant is murdered, and he’s the prime suspect.

As the body count rises, Serena and Nicholai are forced to question everything they believed true and work together, to track down the killer before it’s too late.

If you like Patricia Briggs, Ilona Andrews, Linsey Hall, or Laurell K Hamilton, you will LOVE the first installment of the Sinistra Die series.

Praise for the Sinistra Dei series:
Brutal, cruel, tender and sexy – A story of choices and long-lasting consequences of frivolous decisions and the impact of your choices on those you love. â??â??â??â??â?? – Amazon Reader

The story is full of surprises, particularly the end, and is well written, though in a clipped style. I think it would be enjoyed by any urban fantasy fan, especially those who like a little Christian mysticism in their stories. â??â??â??â??â?? – Awesome Indies

Feast of the Epiphany by Kathryn M Hearst is an enjoyable and sexy vampire novel with a new twist, great defined characters, and gorgeous descriptions. If you’re a fan of the original few Vampire Chronicles or first sixish Anita Blake books, this is definitely something you’d enjoy! â??â??â??â??â?? – Amazon Reader

A creative and exciting book that is full of action. There are no lulls in the story and the hits just keep on coming. It is an overall enjoyable book that I would recommend to anyone looking for a vampire story that hasn’t been played out. â??â??â??â??â?? -Fang-Freakin-Tastic Reviews

Feast of the Epiphany by Kathryn M Hearst is an enjoyable and sexy vampire novel with a new twist, great defined characters, and gorgeous descriptions. If you’re a fan of the original few Vampire Chronicles or first sixish Anita Blake books, this is definitely something you’d enjoy! â??â??â??â??â?? -Amazon Reader

It is very difficult for an independent author to step into a well-established literary archetype and handle it as marvelously as Kathryn M. Hearst does in Feast of the Epiphany. The first book in the Sinistra Dei series showcases the author’s thorough understanding of the common tropes of the vampire genre while confidently setting her foot in the sand as a new voice with new ideas in an otherwise crowded section of the bookshelf. â??â??â??â??â?? – Awesome Indies

If you’re a fan of serial vampire fiction and are looking for a fresh voice that not only captures, but also amplifies the allure and mystique of the classics of the genre – look no further than the Sinistra Dei series by Kathryn M. Hearst! â??â??â??â??â?? – Amazon Reader

The old adage that sequels never live up to their predecessors is no longer correct, and this sequel to “Feast of the Epiphany” is amazing and powerful. First, I love the way that Hearst writes. It’s her writing style and storytelling that is unique to her, a very big kudos for any writer, and she has what it takes. â??â??â??â??â?? – Amy’s Bookshelf Reviews

The Forgotten Queen: The Mad Queen’s Massacre

by J. Ellen Ross

Jon and Aviana’s luck has run out.

Once a petty criminal and hay-mower for hire, Jon’s quiet life was shattered when he found Aviana, the Remembered Queen, on a barstool in a tavern.

Aviana, who ordered the slaughter of hundreds during the Mad Queen’s Massacre.

Aviana, who fled her throne and vanished two years ago.

Convinced the confused, haunted girl had been a pawn in a deadly plot, he rescued her and for a year, he has hidden the queen of Tolar from the mage who once controlled her. In tiny villages and run down cottages, he’s helped Aviana rebuild a life. But the mage isn’t done with her and his bounty hunters are scouring the countryside, hunting for her..

Freed from the spells used to enslaved her, Aviana wants nothing more than to fade into obscurity – to disappear and be forgotten. But she’s a deposed queen, a pawn for powerful men who would give anything to find her, and her luck has run out.

Swept away to the High King’s city of Alabaster, Aviana will face her old enemy and their confrontation will shake the foundations of the Ivory Kingdoms.

Anika Rising (Gretel Book Four): A gripping horror thriller you won’t be able to put down

by Christopher Coleman

From the bottom of a lake, deep in the Back Country, death takes a turn.

Within a day of being struck down by Hansel, Anika has risen.
The cruel, addictive infection of Marlene’s poison has protected Anika from the finality of death. 
But the resurrection is not without a price. 
She has a new hunger, and its lure is irresistible. 
Anika sees suicide as the only option, until she learns of a new terror in the world, one related to the Witch of the North and which threatens the lives of her children. 
Anika must now find the threat and destroy it before it kills her children.

Grab ANIKA RISING, the fourth book in the popular series by the author readers are comparing to Stephen King and Dean Koontz.

The Heart of Hannen: Book I in The Atriian Trilogy

by Fawn Bonning

Christine’s life has gone horribly awry. She believes she knows the true meaning of misery and shame . . . until destiny lands her in a different world.

Hannen Fallier has been horribly mauled. And not only his face. He believes his heart to be mangled beyond mending . . . until destiny lands Christine in his path.

Can their love survive, or does destiny have other brutal plans?

**Mature subject matter**

My Father’s Swords (Warriors, Heroes, and Demons Book 1)

by Dave Skinner

Warriors, heroes, demons, pirates, wizards, faeries, dragons, and a magic sword come together in a unique coming of age adventure. Appropriate for 16+ ages.
When his father is killed by pirates, Bray is raised by the Tawshe–who everyone believes are murderous savages. His position as the Crown Prince of Nadia is denied him because the Tawshe have a secret they kill to keep. His family believe he is dead, and most of the Tawshe believe he should have been killed instead of adopted and trained as one of their own, but Bray’s life has purpose; retrieve his father’s swords and return to Nadia. A mad wizard’s attempt to harness a demon gives him a chance to fulfill his dreams, if he can survive.

The Sentinel Trilogy: Box Set

by Jamie Foley

Blood-bonds with angels. Surreal mental abilities. Elemental gods. Star Wars meets The Mortal Instruments in this adrenaline-laced urban fantasy.

The meteor storm wasn’t such a big deal until a comet landed in the middle of the road. Now Darien’s car is wrecked, his sister is bleeding out, and the only medical aid is at the reclusive Serran Academy.

Jet sees Darien for what he is: a lost teen who doesn’t deserve to know about the aether gifts. And his sister’s rare future-seeing ability is exactly what the enemy is after.

As fractured governments and shadow organizations vie for control of a dying world, the Serran Academy studentsâ??and their angelic secretsâ??are targeted for harvesting.


This box set includes 3 novels:

– Book 1: Sentinel
– Book 2: Arbiter
– Book 3: Sage

Clean. Ages 12+


“Foley does a great job of capturing readers’ attention and holding it prisoner throughout the book… The dialogue, written with sarcastic wit, had me chuckling out loud throughout the book. Combined with lots of action and suspense, Sentinel is the first book in The Sentinel Trilogy that is brilliantly written.” – 5 star review, Reader’s Favorite

ForNevermore: Season One

by Coraline Cole

Enter a compelling and lush dark fantasy world perfect for fans of Jaymin Eve and Sarah J. Maas…

What would you do if your dreams seeped into reality?

All Noella Snow ever wanted was a normal life. But in her seventeen years, she’s experienced only tragedyâ??the death of her mother in childbirth, then the murder of her father before her very eyes. Now she spends her days in quiet misery as a lonely outcast, harboring an unrequited crush on her best friend.

Noella’s only happiness comes in her dreams of another world, one where her father still lives and a mysterious stranger with a deadly touch protects her from the monsters of her nightmares.

But then Noella starts seeing those monsters in her waking lifeâ??begins hearing voices and witnessing gruesome murders. Fearing she’ll be sent back to the psychiatric hospital, she tries to ignore it.

Until she spots her mysterious protector, watching her from afar as he’s done in her dreamsâ??but she’s awake.

Is Noella losing her mind, or is she linked to a hidden world, destined to be normal ForNevermore?

The Legend of the Seven Crystals: The One Crystal

by JMSB Cayanan

Julius Braveheart is a teenager from Northridge, a small town in North America. As he is walking home one afternoon, he takes a shortcut through the woods – a shortcut from which he may never return.

On the planet Meridia, the people prepare for the powerful, elemental energy they call Epta to be transferred from their sister planet, Miroh, through a natural portal that holds the One Crystal that enables the Epta to charge Meridia’s magnetic field… until a wizard of the Dark Magic attacks, bringing Meridia to the brink of total destruction.

What Julius Braveheart has to do with this cataclysmic event on a distant planet changes his life – and the lives of the people of Meridia – forever.

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