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Letters to Emma: a passionate story about treason and true love.

by Francisco Daniel Colorado Castro

Ernesto falls for Emma but he keeps his love in secret because she is his brother’s girlfriend. Thus, he writes her a series of letters, narrating her how the death of half his family, his brother’s betrayal, her departure, the love of his women and the regret of his mistakes, make him understand loyalty, life, and love. To decide between loving his past or risk everything for the future.
Letters to Emma is a quest to learn about love and how destiny always get people what they deserve.

Therapy (Dr Sex Series Book 1)

by Katrina Liss

Samantha is attending a sex therapy workshop, hosted by the enigmatic, impossibly handsome and highly regarded psychosexual therapist Ryan Brantwell, known in the trade as Dr Sex.
Having done some research before attending, Samantha thinks she knows more or less what lies in store, but Ryan Brantwell turns out to be much more than just a man who knows a thing or two about sex. He’s amazingly talented, intuitive and full of fun-filled ideas. He has a way with women, an ability to empathise, to become their close confidant.
As Samantha begins to immerse herself in his program she finds out things she never knew about herself. The goals she thought she had seem much less clear and she finds that her views are becoming altered and distorted. Very soon things really start to unravel, and her life tears apart emotionally.
She’s drawn to Ryan in ways she has never been before. She wants far more than just therapy from him. But he’s off limits – Ryan places great value on the client-therapist relationship, his professional integrity comes before everything else, and he makes his personal position quite clear to her.
But she can’t help feel there’s something between them, strong chemistry and a deep connection.
Where will it all lead? What does Ryan Brantwell really offer her?
Journey with her, as Samantha enters a whole new world, one she never knew existed.

Contains graphic sex scenes and profanity. 18+ advised.

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