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Story-Flash: Step-by-Step Technology of Plot Development (how to write a screenplay, screenwriting book, script writing, write a book, write suspense, … story structure (Story-Flash System Book 1)

by Alexander Astremsky

Author and scriptwriter Alexander Astremsky offers a systematic approach to plot development and screenwriting. He suggests you stop “waiting for inspiration” and use the Story-Flash step-by-step technology instead. He invites you to rev up “the engine of your imagination” so that you can come up with exciting stories and design them easily, professionally and without the “throes of creation.”

The book includes such chapters as “Story Development,” “Episode Plan,” “Character Development,” “How to Make the Story as Compelling as Possible,” “How to Develop a Great Comedy Plot,” etc. It includes over 60 various practical exercises, pictures and diagrams illustrating this step-by-step process.

This book also includes the Story-Flash Game, which you can play by yourself or with others. It is not just an interesting and entertaining game, it is designed to boost your imagination with inspiration and break down the barriers in your mind that prevent you from creating brilliant stories with ease.

Would you like to know how to write stories? How to write a screenplay? How to write a book? Story-Flash is a screenwriting book that will show you how to write well, how to write faster and easier.

Graduated: A funny short story (The Meantime Stories Book 5)

by Svingen and Pedersen

“…dark humor that graces an even darker tale. Most highly recommended.” -Readers’ Favorite (5/5 STAR REVIEW)

In this satirical tour-de-farce, Audrey Riddlerfinch finds out how hard and lonely it is to be the only girl in a man’s world at the Dictator’s College. Not failing music, literature 1, or PT is challenging enough. What is worse; her fellow students, the principal, and the school administration won’t stop at anything to break her spirits and force her out.

But Audrey is determined to graduate, at any cost!

THE MEANTIME STORIES is a funny short read series that draws inspiration from Terry Pratchett, Monty Python, and Douglas Adams, drenched in Nordic Noir (human folly, plentiful abrupt deaths, snappy dialogue, quirky deep thoughts, and absurd outcomes). It’s glittering darkness, and clouded light.

Each story is a stand-alone, ready to be enjoyed when you yearn for 30 minutes of wacky, brainy, and laugh-out-loud entertainment. Longing for surprises, unexpected twists, and silliness with an edge? Look no further, because in the Meantime, anything can happen!

Highballs in the Hamptons (Girlfriends of Gotham Book 2)

by Delancey Stewart

The second Girlfriends of Gotham’s book continues Natalie Pepper’s story. She’s settled in the city now, and still pining for CJ, the all-American man who actually loves her back. But she can’t seem to stop getting in her own way. In the meantime, Lulu’s got dating issues of her ownâ??a gorgeous ER doc treats her sprained ankle (which she would point out, he also caused), and then treats her better than any other man ever has. But there’s one problemâ?¦Tippy. His Upper East Side mother and her Upper East Side attitude.

“The perfect New Adult 90s romantic comedy!” — Kayti McGee, author of Screwmates

“…beautifully and hilarious well written story that perfectly captured the feeling of friendship, relationship, first love” — Koko’s Book Blog

A “plot full of ROFL moments and witty anecdotes…” – Goodreads reviewer

If you loved Bridget Jones and miss Sex and the City, this laugh-out-loud series will scratch that itch. Dive in today!

The Unauthorized Atari 2600 Throw Back Zine #1: How History Did Donkey Kong Wrong, Jungle Hunt Strategies, Easter Eggs & Glitches And So Much More

by Michael Salzman

In the inaugural issue of The Unauthorized Atari 2600 Throw Back Zine we explore the accusations that Coleco’s Donkey Kong purposefully sabotaged Atari! Other articles include Jungle Hunt strategies, Easter Eggs and Glitches, Deceptive Advertising in Video Olympics, Slik Stik joystick review, Golf, 2600 game reviews, and so much more!

The Movie Flight and Accountability

by Clinton LeFort

In Robert Zemeckis latest movie with Denzel Washington as Captain Whip Whitaker we get to see how easy it is to take flight from oneself and one’s trouble, (McCormick), addictions, and lack of confidence or courage and still be able to pull of some death defying acts of bravery. After watching the movie airplane pilots may be wondering what kind of tricks it would take to do such a thing; that is, it possible to roll such a large airplane. (Moody) We intend to look at some of the scenes to find out how Paramount pulled off this turbulent ride for its viewers. Furthermore, one can always ask, just how the editor looked at all that information going on in Capt. Whitaker’s brain when it all happened and cut to the different shots of the airplane, cockpit and all the activity going on in the cabin. (Dimond) It takes a master editor to pull all this information and make a meaningful sequence.

Background with the Stars- Celebrity Gossip: Celebrity Behavior When the Cameras Aren’t Rolling

by Dan Wit

Most celebrities spend a lot of time building up their personas and do a good job of maintaining them while in the public eye.

However, during long film days sometimes the stars let their guard down, snap at fellow actors and crew; exposing their true colors.

Background with the Stars takes an in depth look at the behavior of specific celebrities whom I encountered working as an extra/ background actor during long 10-14 hour days. Some of the stars are congruent to their public persona, while others treat their co-workers so disgustingly you will literally be shocked– as was I.

Reese Witherspoon (BITCH)
Snoop Dogg
Sarah Paulson
Nicole Kidman
Henry Simmons
Mariah Carey
LL Cool J
Steve Harvey
Cuba Gooding Jr.
Courtney B. Vance
and more!

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