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Accelerated Learning Mastery: Learn Powerful Accelerated Learning Techniques to Instantly Boost your Ability to Learn & Remember Any Topic for Academic, Work & Business Success (Bonus: Exam Mastery)

by Steve Chambers

Learn to truly accelerate your learning process today to help you achieve results! In this Definitive Guide, you’re about to discover ideas to take your brain and learning process to the next level.

Here is a Preview of What You’ll Learn

-How to achieve laser-like focus?
-How to remember any fact or figure, no matter how long and complicated?
-How to never forget anything that you read?
-How to learn anything that you want to?
-How to ace an exam?

Other Benefits of owning this book: You’ll learn how to become a lifelong learner. You’ll learn how to be a straight A / 4.0 student. You’ll learn how to truly listen and take superior notes. By implementing the lessons in this book, you will learn to get the maximum results from each and every one of your learning experiences.

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Hold Your Breath and Jump In: a guide for the first week of college for Christians (Our Kids – Our Responsibility Book 4)

by Joe Dodridge

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Don’t send Christians to college unprepared and without a plan!

Starting college is a lot like jumping into the deep end of a pool. It’s a little scary, it looks like a lot of fun, and you’re not exactly sure what’s going to happen when you hit the water.

This book will prepare Christians for their first week of college. There might never be another time of life where you have so much free will and the opportunity to truly shape who you are and what you believe.

This brief book gives 12 short things you need to think about during your first week of college. This book focuses on

*attending a local church *attending a campus ministry *reading the Bible and praying *preparing for attacks on your faith *seeking God in marriage *figuring out who you will date *striving for purity *seeking God in your career *staying out of debt *balancing school and life *figuring out how often to go home *transitioning into a new parent/adult relationship

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*******Who is the Author?

Who am I to give you advice about your first week of college?

Of course I went to college myself, but so have millions of other people.

College students have always been on my heart and my ministry opportunities have flowed out of that.

It all started when I was in college. One summer I convinced my home church’s pastor to let me start a summer Sunday School class to prepare our church’s graduates for college. I think it was called something really inviting like the “Top Ten Sins in College.”

Then, a few years later in graduate school, I taught undergraduate college classes at the university I attended and also at a local, Christian university.

After finishing graduate school, being married for five years, and experiencing the birth of our first child, my wife and I started a college Sunday School class in our church. We quickly grew the class from just a Sunday morning Bible study to weekly suppers and games at our house. We have some great memories from those suppers – and a lot of good friends still today.

All of those experiences prepared me to accept the call to lead the Baptist Collegiate Ministry (BCM) at Ball State University. I led the first year as the interim director, and then the next four years as the regular BCM director while also serving as an associate pastor at a local church.

From there I went on to plant a new church and then to teach school full time and write part time. But, it is my years of experience working with college students, as a Sunday School teacher, a college instructor, and then a collegiate ministry leader, that have given me the tools and experiences to share these strategies with you.

So, take it from someone who has been to college, someone who has taught in college, and someone who has worked with college students in ministry. These 12 things that follow are 12 simple, yet important things that will help you keep your head above water as you start some of the best years of your life!

Create your Wealth and Manage it Properly

by Christiana Samson

The resolution to improve financial situations can be made at any time of the year. There is a need to be diligent in your ways to help you manage your finances from the two sides of money making; reducing costs and increasing your ability to earn. This book explains ways of improving and maintaining your Wealth.

Create Your Wealth and Manage it Properly

by Christiana Samson

The resolution to improve your financial situations can be made at any time of the year. Proper management of your wealth helps you to sleep better at night, without entertaining worries. This book shows you how to maximize wealth opportunities and retain what you already gathered.



It was Francis Bacon who pointed out clearly the importance of learning when he wrote this piece: “Reading maketh a full man; conference a ready man, and writing an exact man.

In addition, Lord Chesterfield undercover, “Wear your learning like your watch, in private, and do not pull it out and strike it, merely to show that you have one.”

It is heartwarming that Sr. MariaRegina Ugwu has imbibed this philosophy of learning and teaching; which is why she has given herself some time to organize and write this piece: Teach Me How To Pray.

Written in a very simple style, with images and pictures to illustrate and give clarity;
Teach Me How To Pray is a companion book meant to inspire children.

Adults, parents and teachers who spend a greater time teaching will equally find this piece useful.

I recommend it to all

Rev. Fr. Chris N. Anyanwu
Editor Catholic Link

How to control your social media: Why and how to discipline your social media

by J.P Schaffer

Let’s talk about control!! Yes, the answer is Control, not to quit your social media.
This book helps you to understand why you can control your social media activity.
You will find quick steps to make them habits to handle been absorbed by social media, gadgets, internet and others.
Be aware of your response to life, develop your self-esteem, increase your productivity…
Let’s begin a real challenge!!!

Animal Alphabet: We Love Letters (A Cute and Interactive ABC Book)

by O.H. Kains

With bright colors, cute animal illustrations, and fun & funny interactive text to go along with each letter, Animal Alphabet is the perfect addition to your baby, toddler, or preschooler’s library.

Unraveling Reading (Unraveling Series Book 1)

by Daniela Silva

Daniela Silva is Brazilian, and a college graduate with a degree in Pedagogy (with skills in School Management and Business Education), an MBA in People Management, and a postgraduate degree in Neuroeducation.
Daniela has been active in social projects since 2009, with a focus in the areas of learning and human development.
Daniela has great motivation to transform lives through knowledge. In 2012 she became a volunteer with New Heights Educational Group, an American Award Winning 501(c)(3) educational nonprofit.
In collaboration with NHEG and working with its founder/director, Pamela Clark, Daniela has developed this book, which is the first in the “Unraveling Series.” There will be a book for each core subject taught in schools.
These books will share information on educating those that need extra help mastering a subject and can be used for any age student.

Unraveling Reading is a response to the needs and difficulties faced by parents, students and teachers with respect to literacy and education. It presents strategies and alternatives for developing reading and writing in children, youth and adults in a practical and dynamic way.
Through diverse educational lessons, activities address three different learning styles, with consideration for how the brain learns and processes information visually, auditorily and kinesthetically.
Unraveling Reading also includes examples of activities to improve reading and writing skills through movement, using the Brain Gym technique.

Marketing Management: Syllabus (MSP Book 15)

by Selin Rejin.S

Exam Preparation For Open University Students [ MBA ]

Gold Mine 0f Email Harvesting: Social Media

by Manish Chandra

This book is aimed to disclose the not so secret tricks of email harvestor and to educate everyone in order to protect their inbox privacy.
Have you ever noticed that whenever you are active on internet, or you go to social media or participate in any forum discussion you suddenly start getting lots of emails. You have never disclosed your email anywhere and you have made your social media profile private. Still how these people are able to get into your inbox? Clearly there are people who are following active users on internet.
This book will tell you how email addresses are being harvested online and primarily on social media without users consent. These email addresses are then being bombarded with phising emails or unwanted marketing emails. And it all happens due to small ignorance on our part.
You will come to know how easily thouands or even millions of email addresses are being scrapped by spammers and online marketers every now and then.Online marketers & spammers use simple tricks to collect email addresses which many people are not aware about . Whether you are on facebook, twitter or instagram or you have participated in any forum or if you are member of any other free popular website ..just one mistake on your part exposes your email address. It does not matter if you have chosen to hide your email address in social media profile or’s not difficult to reach your inbox.

While there are many channels available to digital marketers, email remains one of the most lucrative one. Email marketing, on average, delivers a return on investment (ROI) of $44 for every dollar you spend. And social media has become a gold mine for online marketer and unfortunately for spammers also. Not only because of it’s ability to reach out to active people worldwide but also as a ground where you can harvest as many targeted audience or for that matter any email address as you want. And that too without spending any fortune. And most of this is possible because of ignorance of majority of people out there on social media.

ABCs With Kevin and Kizmo Early Childhood Education: The Sounds the Alphabet Make (The Kevin and Kizmo Children’s Book Series 2)

by C. Ingram ECE

Easy Effective Way to Help Children Identify Their ABCs

Learning has never been more fun and exciting

Children can learn their ABCs with Kevin and Kizmo. Usually these two spend time getting into trouble, but for now, Kevin has to go over his ABCs as a homework assignment. The pages include the 26 alphabets in upper and lower case. Each alphabet is a different color enabling young readers to learn colors and the alphabet. Kizmo, Kevin’s pet chimpanzee isn’t actually involved in the homework assignment, so young readers can concentrate on learning and recognizing the ABCs. An Early Childhood Education learning adventure.

Scroll up and grab a copy today.

101 verbos avanzados en ingl̩s Рlibro 1 (Spanish Edition)

by Stephen Harrison

101 verbos avanzados en ingl̩s Рlibro 1

¡Logra que tu inglés suene más fluido!

¿Quieres hablar inglés como un hablante nativo educado y sofisticado? ¡Entonces esta serie es para ti!

“101 verbos avanzados en inglés – libro 1” incluye:

� 101 verbos ingleses avanzados, muchos de ellos perfectos para situaciones formales.

� Traducciones de cada verbo al español.

� Orientación sobre la pronunciación.

� Frases de ejemplo para aprender los verbos en contexto.

� Ejercicios con respuestas.

El profesor de inglés, y autor, Stephen Harrison te ayudará a mejorar tus habilidades en el idioma inglés e impresionar a los hablantes nativos.

¡Si quieres mejorar tu vocabulario en inglés, descarga este libro electrónico hoy mismo!

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