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Beside Still Waters: A Big Sky Novel

by Tricia Goyer

.Raised among the Amish of Indiana, 18-year-old Marianna Sommer plans to get baptized into the church, marry Aaron Zook, and set up life in the only community she has ever known. But when her older brother chooses the world’s path following his rumschpringe, and a younger sibling begins showing interest in Englisch ways, Marianna’s parents move the family to Montana.
Although she is also in her rumschpringe years and not obligated to move, Marianna makes the journey to dutifully help her mother who is expecting another child. Surprisingly, from strangers on the cross-country train ride to the less rigid stance of the new Montana community, many Englisch influences awaken within Mariannaâ??and even her fatherâ??the desire to pursue a deeper kind of joy and love for God.
After an accident, Marianna tells her friend Ben a defining story about the Sommer family, and his response further illumines the active relationship God seeks with His followers. In due time, she learns the move from Indiana was not about losing anything, but finding out who God really is. Despite all the shake-ups, Marianna feels a sweet peace, like still waters, in her soul.

None So Blind (Sight Unseen Book 1)

by Chautona Havig

Dani and Ella Weeks-two women who share one thing in common-the same life, the same family, and the same body.

When Dani wakes with no knowledge of who or where she is-no memories of her life at all-David and Dani Weeks discover that “til death do us part” takes on an entirely unexpected meaning. Practically speaking, Dani died. But she didn’t.

In a desperate attempt to separate the old life from the new, Dani insists on a new name-Ella.

Ella’s doctors can’t explain what happened. Her children can’t understand why she doesn’t know them, and her husband finds himself torn between admiration for the “new” version of his wife and missing the woman he’s known for over fifteen years.

Will Ella ever regain her memory? Why does their pastor suspect it’s one great hoax?

Out of the Darkness

by Anne Patrick

FBI profiler Alex Michaels’ life was shattered when a sadistic serial killer murdered her twin sister and left Alex with a career ending injury. Hoping to put the past behind her, she sets off across country with a truck driver she barely knows.

Royce McIntire knows Alex is on the run from something or someone, but he doesn’t care. He’s fallen in love with her and is finally getting his life back on track and wants to win back custody of his son.

The killer is hot on Alex’s trail though. Determined to find the one victim who got away, he tracks Alex down and lies in wait.

When Alex realizes the killer is drawing near, she has no choice but to tell Royce who she really is. Will the news destroy their relationship and can Alex stop the killer in time?

CHURCH PEOPLE: WITH EVERY TEMPTATION And His Wife Knows: Kicked Out of The Sanctuary

by Selah John

Come read With Every Temptation (Church People, Book #1) and His Wife Knows: Kicked Out of The Sanctuary (Church People, Book #2) in one book,where we take a peek inside of the diary of…

Selah John, a stunning 41-year-old married writer and mother who has her humdrum days shaken and stirred when she falls into a controversial emotional affair with a younger married man, who’s aptly named…

Paul Sinclair, a 30-year-old Lothario who shares the same first name as Selah’s non-churchgoing, emotionally-unavailable husband, Paul John.

Paul S has recently been appointed leader of the Tech Team ministry that Selah joins at the newly launched local branch of their 50,000-member megachurch.


Gina Sinclair, 33 — Paul’s weary wife — is getting hip to this next strange woman in the assembly line of ladies in her handsome husband’s scope. As infuriating clues of infidelity increase along with her pregnancy hormones, Gina fights like a lioness for her marriage, and searches Google like a sleuth to uncover hints of betrayal in Selah’s writing — no longer counting on warnings from people like…

Vanessa Thompson, Selah’s personal prophet and “bestie,” a woman who serves on the same ministry team with the “married, but not to each other” duo. As nightmarish scenarios of illicit sexual escapades play out in her action-packed lifelike dreams, providing dark and foreshadowing omens of danger to come, Vanessa’s own jealousy rears its snaky head as she watches her BFF frolic in fires of lust with Paul S and leave the trio’s three Musketeers-like friendship in the dust in favor of the hot duo’s May-December dalliance.

Mounting episodes…and one soul-baring confession followed by a severely shocking search-engine spied-out revelation rocks then restores two marriages — and brings Selah from the brink of suicide and divorce to the heights of Hollywood success and heavenly wholeness.

Episode 1: Somebody That I Used to Know

“I need you both to F me,” Paul S quips to Selah and Poppy, a cute multi-racial 21-year-old who is one of the youngest in a cadre of megachurch concubines enamored with the handsome and charismatic rising star. Surprised that a younger man finds her clearly as attractive as she finds him, Selah focuses her attention away from her inattentive husband at home and races full speed ahead, launching a weight-loss journey that will put her even further in her leader’s vigorous line of vision.

Episode 2: Cheating in the Next Room

One body-rocking hug with her spiritual superior. One all-night fellowship session with the Tech Team. One cursed-out-by-her-husband Selah. Paul S is making inroads into his kind cougar’s heart — and potentially her PayPal account. So why is Poppy all of a sudden rising from the role of understudy to leading lady in Selah’s movie-star mental picture of her romantic drama with him?


Pilot Episode #1: Somebody That I Used to Know

Scene #1: “I always feel like somebody’s watching meâ?¦”

Scene #2: “The first time ever I saw your faceâ?¦”

Scene #3: “Who is he and what is he to you?”

Scene #4: “Come on and go with meâ?¦”

Scene #5: “The men all pausedâ?¦”

Scene #6: “Get me bodiedâ?¦”

Scene #7: “You make me promises, promisesâ?¦”

Scene #8: “Tell me more, tell me moreâ?¦”

Scene #9: “I got the hook-upâ?¦holler if you hear me. Ugh!”

Scene #10: “You’re that lady’s husbandâ?¦”

Scene #11: “Leave me alone, I’m a family manâ?¦”

Scene #12: “Is it all over my face?”

Scene #13: “Whooooo are you? Who, who? Who, who? I really wanna knowâ?¦”

Scene #14: “Sexy, sexyâ?¦”

Episode #2: Cheating in the Next Room

Scene #1: “Just a touch of loveâ?¦ a little bitâ?¦”

Scene #2: “Don’t worry, be happyâ?¦”

Scene #3: “It’s just a fantasyâ?¦”

Scene #4: “Just me and youâ?¦”

Scene #5: “Why can’t we be friends?”

Scene #6: “I can’t let goâ?¦”

Scene #7: “I’m so into youâ?¦”

Aromatherapy: The Beginner’s Guide: How To Use, Essential Oils, To Improve Your Skin, Hair, & , Health (Easy Health And Beauty Tips & Treatments, Blending, … Natural Beauty, Natural Antibiotics,)

by Dr Brad Turner

Over 7000 Downloads To Date

Frankincense. Peppermint. Eucalyptus. Lemon-grass. Lavender. Who knew that these are five of the must have essential oils? Dr. Brad Turner doesâ??and we are blessed that he’s chosen to share his knowledge and expertise in his latest book, ESSENTIAL OILS. So much has been written about using oils: as cures for everything from toothaches to acne; aromatherapy and even taken internally for whatever reason is popular that day.. To our own peril, we’ve discovered much of this information is false. Dr. Turner gains our trust immediately with his treatise: never ingest these essential oils. And that’s the beginning of an author/reader relationship that will stand the test of timeâ?¦and information, because Dr. Turner tells the truth. And that’s the way we like it!

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • Eleven important things you need to know about essential oils
  • How To Use Essential Oils To Improve Your Mental Clarity
  • How To Use Essential Oils For Stress Relief
  • How To Use Essential Oils For Cold & Flu Relief
  • How To Make Essential Oil Skin Care Treatments
  • How To Make Essential Oil Acme Treatment Recipe
  • How To Make A Healing Toner For Sensitive Skin Recipe
  • About Essential Oil Hair Care Treatments
  • How To Make Essential Oil Talc Shampoo
  • How to Make Dry Hair Conditioner Oil
  • How To Make Split End Avocado/Essential Oil Wrap
  • About Essential Oil Sleep Loss Treatments
  • Get A Description Of Each Essential And Carrier Oils Mentioned In This Book
  • Much, much more!

Readers say…….

“It had lots of great advise and explained a lot. For beginners or intermediate use. You can’t go wrong getting this”………………………T. A Kelly.

“We all use oil in our life for one reason or the other and we think we know all about how to use them.

After reading this book I found out how serious my misconceptions were. I found the oils which I used like null and void can actually solve my big issues. By reading this book I found out how I can use some oil to treat my flu, my skin problems and even for my mental clarity.

I really like to use good old method on my body than going for medications and these oil recipes provided me my good home methods to cure myself for almost every problem”…………….gayatri tulshyan

“I have head so much about aromatherapy lately, and this book came at just the right moment. I like the fact that one can use aromatherapy without a huge cost and in the privacy of one’s own home. I will be trying the stress relief recipe that the author puts forth in chapter 2.”…………SF

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Mindfulness Para Principiantes: Una Guía Simple de Mindfulness Para Obtener Paz en la Vida, Reducir el Estrés y Calmar Tu Ansiedad (Spanish Edition)

by Megan Sinclair

¿Ya te cansaste de sentirte estresada todo el tiempo y ahora quieres llevar una vida más pacífica? ¿Sientes que tus miedos te impiden ser feliz? ¿Tu vida se caracteriza por el caos, el estrés crónico, la ansiedad y la depresión? ¿Estás cansada de vivir sin desarrollar tu potencial? ¿Quieres realizar una exploración genuina de tu ser para entender tu potencial, descubrir tus talentos, y explotar todo ello en la creación y consecución de tus metas más significativas? Si la respuesta es sí, y estas dispuesta a traer cambios significativos a tu vida, necesitas adoptar el mindfulness.

Mindfulness es estar en el momento presente sin prejuicios, es buscar la felicidad y la paz, es mantener consciencia para que puedas disfrutar el presente al máximo. El simple acto de tomar consciencia tiene beneficios que trascienden y se reflejan en una actitud más pacífica. Si esto te intriga y deseas explorar el mindfulness y sus beneficios, este libro es para ti.

Between Love & War: A story of two lovers brought together by love and dispersed by war

by Rasheed Shawar

Amanda and Aziz were seventeen years old when they first met and fell crazy in love with each other. Amanda is a diligent and ambitious student aspiring for studying Medicine in College and living with her simple and traditional family. While Aziz is a rich young man pursuing an impulsive and joyful lifestyle. He is an only child and his mother passed away while giving birth to him, so his father raised him on his own. On their first meeting, he convinces her to join a camp where their love story peaks. They live the most thrilling love story during summertime. They have almost nothing in common except for passionate love. The village’s political state is threatened anytime to witness a war. The young generation has always lived up to a peaceful life. They are almost unable to grasp the concept of war until one evening an explosion rocks the area. Aziz discovers that his dad is a fighter and later encourages him to defend his land while Amanda watches her parents horrified. Aziz and Amanda’s educational future is in danger as their final exams fall at the beginning of an official war. On the last exam, Aziz arrives home to find his father killed by the enemy’s bullets. On the very same day, Amanda finds her family packing their bags for leaving the entire village. This occurs as a result of announcing the village under a brutal siege. Their farewell happens to be next to his dead father body in his house where Aziz chooses to stay in the village and Amanda is forced to leave with her family. Their love story is shattered even more the next morning when she finds out that he wants to join the army. The village loses any means of communication with the outer world and so Amanda is unable to even make sure he is fine. They both lead an extremely depressed life unable to hold on with their daily routines. Years pass on. She pursues Medicine and becomes a distinguished doctor. He builds decent friendships with other soldiers and confronts his very harsh reality bravely. The horrible news about the village leads Amanda to conclude that Aziz is dead. She tries to go on with her life by going out with another man. However, she finds herself overwhelmed by Aziz’s memories and burdened with their love. She makes the decision to go in search of him.. More details we will know through the novel.


by Cindy Christmas

Product Description: Most of the poems in this book are religious, but there are based on a lot of different topics. Nevertheless, these poems are magnificent. These poems & short stories are powerful words. These poems & short stories will make the reader inspired.

SEVEN CHAKRAS – Balancing, Clearing & Healing

by Pramod Bajpai

The purpose in this chakra clearing meditation is to open the closed chakras, clearing chakras of negative energy by converting to positive, and balancing the energy of all chakras.
Chakra recuperating is said to have the capacity to cure for all intents and purpose any ailment or mental issue. The mending process restores the balance for each of the chakra places, as it is accepted that if the chakra has an excessive amount of or little energy, it won’t work properly.
The East Indian belief in which chakra recuperating determines stipulates that the body and mind are united and that a healthy body is one in which the energies connected with every chakras are balanced and in harmony.
The physical and emotional benefits of a Chakra Balancing are:
Bliss and internal peace
More amazing ability to express and draw in adoration in your life
Feeling clear and free
Sleep is more genuine and without interruptions
The endocrine system experiences a more excellent feeling of balance and congruity
Depression and mental perplexity are diminished and Weight lose (extra fats) is accomplished and digestion is improved. Memory and cognitive capability is moved forward.
Hormones and neuron-transmitters are gotten to balance and legitimate extent.
Auto-immune ailments, asthmatic conditions, hypersensitive reactions and headache cerebral pains are eased.
The immune system is improved.
Prayer and meditation are accomplished in a deeper connection.
Faster spiritual progress and improvement.
Getting to and realizing higher levels of consciousness, mindfulness, and acceptance.
Gathering up broken belief systems, mass-awareness programs, duality, karma and karmic incidents from past lives, conception or different engravings.
Reconstructing of subconscious belief structures.
DNA Activation.
The composition becomes clearer of pimples and zits. Skin tone assumes a more natural and glowing appearance.

Prayers, Punk rock and Pastry: From a hopeless dope fiend to a dopeless hope fiend

by Chris Stewart

This is the inspirational story of a man that has been to hell and back. This heart warming and inspiring tale of a missionary kid turned punk rocker,gang member, drug dealer and finally a  drug addict. Becoming a husband and home owner wasnt enough either to stop my drug abuse and then I became a homeless crack head and heroin addict on the streets of Hollywood CA.Becoming a firefighter should have been enough but it wasnt enough as a drink and a drug were all I cared about untill finally drugs and alcohol rendered him bed ridden and incapable of getting through the day without them losing everything I cared about and my self worth in the process. Found out how I  got back up and now I  help thousands of people get their dreams back. Find out how I started the only leadership interact club for continuation high schools in the country of the U.S. Find out how I started a company that became one of the top and most inspirational company’s  in the world with just a cookie  and a prayer to a homeless man for Christmas and much much more. For any human being this book will rock you to the core with its honesty vulnerability and redemption. We are all addicted to something break free today and get your dreams back!

Refuting the External World

by Goran Backlund

This piece of philosophy will guide you through every step of the way in dismantling the notion of the external world. It will effectively reveal and dispel any wrong-thinking surrounding this idea upon which all else stands. The purpose? To unburden you from all notions of â??self’, allowing you to directly discover the raw, non-dual truth of Being.

This isn’t the first work that tackles this subject. But others have left it at “we can’t really know whether there’s anything beyond our experience”, while I go all the way and say that we can know – and in this book I’ll show you exactly how and why this idea of an objective, physical universe of time and space beyond our perceptions is nothing but a figment of our imagination.

But it’s a book unlike all others on the contemporary non-dual awakening scene. You won’t find any â??pointers’ in it. What you’ll find is stone cold logic hacking away at the very foundation of existence itself. And in its wake; when the dust finally settles; you’ll recognize that, not only were the words of the sages true all along, but they’ve gone from being a remote possibility to being the light and guiding principle of your life. What words?

“Consciousness is all.”

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