Free romance Kindle books for 27 Aug 18

The Lantern, a Renaissance Mystery

by Joanne Lewis

The Lantern, a Renaissance mystery, travels from modern day Miami, Florida to Florence, Italy and from the twenty-first century to the fifteenth century. Along the way, three lives intersect and collide with each other and with some of the most famous figures of the Renaissance including members of the Medici, Brunelleschi, Donatello and a young Michelangelo.

The Dungeon Master’s Wife: The Underdark

by Kate Messick

Rachael’s marriage to Aaron is stuck in monotony. After three years, she and Aaron have fallen into a pattern of complacency. But fire burns in the most unlikely of places as her Dungeons & Dragons character, Lilly, begins to fall for the hot and steamy rock mage, Craig.
But Craig is played by Aaron’s brother and Aaron is running the game. Can Rachael keep her worlds apart?
The Dungeon Master’s Wife weaves together the world of magic and imagination with the realities of everyday life. Filled with adventure, role-playing, and steamy love affairs, Rachael’s journey will make you question, laugh, and love.

Commitment Issues: A Modern Romance

by Bradley Brady

“First dates are not meant to end like this.” When Evan’s blind date with Scott ends in a marriage proposal he can’t believe the ‘yes’ that pops out of his mouth. Is it really possible to fast track a relationship to the commitment stage? Avoid all the drama of dating? There’s only one way to find out. And what will their friends and family think of this instant romance? Mel, the happy matchmaker with a marriage gone stale? Sally, Evan’s younger sister, whose long engagement shows no signs of ending? Will Evan and Scott live happily ever after, or is love at first sight only a fairy tale…

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