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Essential Tips for Your First Trip to Morocco: the guide for travlers first trip morocco good advices for travel safety And enjoy the sea, mountains, sand and people and knowledge of their traditio

by loura graham

With a rich history, landscape, and culture, Morocco is one of my favorite spots on Earth. From the vibrant red Atlas Mountains to the explosion of colors in the endless markets scattered around the ancient medinas, this place has a unique beauty all its own.

For all things boho chic, it’s a dream shopping destination. It’s also a perfect spot for lingering in French-inspired sidewalk cafés or riding a camel into the desert to spend a night under the stars.

Ready to explore this North African gem? Here are a few essential tips for your first trip to Morocco.
Languages Spoken in Morocco
English, French, Spanish, Arabic, Berberâ??you’ll hear it all here! On a daily basis, most people speak Darija, or Moroccan Arabic, while the sizable Berber community has their own indigenous language. In official settings, you’ll hear Standard Arabic and French. Spanish is very popular in the north, while English is becoming increasing popular everywhere.

As a traveler, you’ll be able to get by with English, although knowing a few words of French can be very handy.

Border Crossings: Travel Essays and Poems

by William Graham

Poet, novelist and travel writer William Graham has assembled an informative, inspirational and beautiful collection of essays about and poems inspired by his many world travels over the past decade. From Nantucket to the Amazon jungle, from Nova Scotia to South Africa, Graham shows how travel informs and inspires.

My Alaska Commercial Fishing Adventure

by Michael R Dougherty

Alaska commercial fishing is the hardest, most dangerous work I have ever done in my life.

When I was only 16, my dad got me a job on a purse seiner out of the picturesque town of Cordova, Alaska on Prince William Sound. I had no idea what a purse seiner was – but I was about to find out.

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