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A Penny For Her Heart (Detective Rachel Storme Book 3)

by Alretha Thomas

Vanessa Johnson Rossi’s dream is to work at the White House. Not as the leader of the free world, but as chief of staff, overseeing the executive office of the president. As an assistant working at Buderwood Hills City Hall, she finds herself getting closer to realizing her dream when a plum position becomes available that would put her a step closer working directly for the mayor who has personal connections to the White House. But Vanessa’s hopes are dashed when her best friend, Penelope Newhouse, lands the coveted job. However, when Vanessa discovers Penelope murdered less than a hundred feet from the office she dreamed of occupying, her disappointment turns into devastation.

Detective Rachel Storme and her team are put on the case and she soon finds herself delving into the underbelly of politics in search of the killer. The clues point to a litany of suspects, including the mayor. As usual, Detective Storme is determined to solve this caseĆ¢??a case so chock-full of dark and sinister twists and turns, it has her questioning her own competence.

The Fleece of Gideon (A Guardians Adventure Book 3)

by Summer Lee

Book 3 in the bestselling Guardians Adventure series!

The search for the Fleece of Gideon…

Four thousand years ago, Gideon triumphed against the enemy Midianites. Before the battle, Gideon asked for a sign, so God made a sheep fleece wet, but kept the ground dry. After the victory, Gideon made a priestly vest from plundered gold earrings.

Fast forward to modern day where Achava, a guardian of Israel with supernatural powers, invites Sam, a retired Biblical Studies professor, to travel with her to view the purported golden vest. Sam declines and asks her something that tears her between her emotions and her vow to protect Israel.

After their rift, Sam buries himself in research and a mysterious man shows up with a warning about the fleece.

Further, Sam is shocked when a former foe of Achava’s turns up to assist him in the quest for the fleeceĆ¢??but can she be trusted?

Sam learns they must reach the Fleece of Gideon before Achava does. So, the race is on to find it first. Each person has their own beliefs about the powers and purpose of the fleece. And their own agendas.

Will Sam find THE FLEECE OF GIDEON before Achava does? Or will it destroy all they hold dear?

THE FLEECE OF GIDEON, the third novel in the Biblical Adventure series, unleashes action, spiritual battles, a bit of romance, and all the international adventure that readers have come to expect from acclaimed Christian author Summer Lee.

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