Free arts and entertainment Kindle books for 28 Aug 18

Dictionary of Architecture

by Engineering Dictionaries

Containing over 6000 entries , written in a clear and concise style, this authoritative dictionary covers architectural history in details

The Art of Practice: Twenty Structures to Paint in Oil or Acrylic (Architecture: Structures Book 5)

by Jacqueline DeBusk

Use this book to inspire practice painting with oils or acrylics. Create near exact copies of the renderings in this book or paint from the pictures adding your own elements, colors, and style. Use the pictures to help you become more proficient at oil or acrylic painting, or use the book’s pictures to help you add paintings to your portfolio. This book is part of The Practice of Art series titled Architecture: Structures. The series offers pictures for practicing both sketching and painting.

Five Centimeters

by Jonathan Jones

summarit 50mm/f1,5
nikkor-s Auto 50mm/f1.4
summicron 50mm/f2.0

These are the standard lens used to shoot for this photo book.
It’s approximately half a century old.
Recent years, digital camera is capable at various situations by mounting a standard zoom lens.
The angle of view, ISO sensitivity, black & white or color can be adjusted.
But why the photographer purposely chose less flexible film camera and old standard lens for the photo shoots.
It will take longer time to adjust the focus when you have a shallow depth of field
and harder to stabilize the camera when you use a low sensitivity film.
Standard lens has no capability to enhance the subject near you like the wide lens can do
nor draw in background like the effect that telephoto lens can create.
Also old lens works poorly in backlight and has higher chance to cause halation.

While then, why did he shoot using them?
Because he believes that the more there is restriction, the more he gets the creativity.
I would like you to recognize by looking at these photos of Tokyo,
which took careful six years to accumulate all the photos.

There are 23 color photos taken with a small film camera.
29 pages.

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