Free fantasy Kindle books for 28 Aug 18

The Parable of the Dumbass: a Short Story in Two Parts

by Antonio Scotto di Carlo

I looked for Heaven and I found Hell

He had trouble fitting in. Society figured something was wrong with him and made him an outcast.

They just don’t get that I was born for greatness!

He had a dream, but kept it to himself for fear of further rejection.
When he learns there is a land called Eldorado where dreams become reality, the desire to find it consumes him. The road seems deceptively easy to walk, but will require courage, tenacity, and faith to reach that magical place. His heart tells him that he will succeed and he listens, starting out on an epic journey.

My dream will at last come true!

But what if dreams are only incomprehensible glimpses into our former lives?

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