Free fiction Kindle books for 28 Aug 18

Daddy’s Coming Volume 2: First Time Taboo Erotic Step Romance

by Rachel Fiore

You have to stay in touch with yourself. And sometimes, that means literally.

The man of the house and I are going camping for the first time in years. We’ve grown apart through that time, mainly because the lady of the house left us. The man of the house and I have been busy with work, but we both carved out time for this trip.

Being alone with him in the woods is bringing certain feelings up, things I’ve purposely tried not to think about. It’s too much, so I wander into the woods to play and clear my mind. When a wild coyote tries to attack me, the man of the house comes to my rescue and gets a glimpse of my nakedness.

Sharing a sleeping bag with him is just the beginning.

Pushing Up Daisies (Tea Shop Cozy Mystery Book 1)

by Katherine Hayton

Fifty-something widow Willow Foxglove is looking forward to a cup of tea and a dalliance with the local realtor. Instead, she ends up with a dead body on her doorstep!

When the murder victim is revealed as her ‘kind-of’ boyfriend, the finger of blame points squarely at Willow. To avoid a murder charge, she needs to track down the real killer.

Believing that the local Aniseed Valley sheriff is unequal to the challenge, Willow sets about clearing her name. She must also decide the fate of a gifted Maine Coon kitten, who’s set her allergies ablaze.

As the net tightens, Willow draws on the book-smarts of best friend Harmony and conspiracy-laden facts from second-best friend Reg to help solve the crime. And, of course, she can always rely on handy hints from her favorite TV show of all time – Miss Walsham Investigates!

Tea Shop Cozy Mysteries are quick 1-2 hour reads, perfect for filling in time waiting for appointments, commuting to work, or when your significant other insists on watching a TV show that makes you roll your eyes!

These books contain no swearing, no gore, no cliffhangers, and no graphic scenes.

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