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Sing For Me: A Chicago Story

by Kelsey Brickl

Chicago, 1926. Alice Dressler leaves behind a life of luxury with her Jewish family to be a singer in Italian-owned speakeasies. Ignoring her parents’ disapproval and warnings that she’s getting in over her head, Alice enters a criminal maze she can’t escape. Sing For Me is a novella exploring the underbelly of 1920s Chicago through the lens of one female voice.

The Law of Moses (Sam and Laura’s Story Book 1)

by Kwen Griffeth

He Planned For A Simple Life, Until The War Began

Samuel Cardiff had a plan. He had recently graduated from the Teachers College and now he was returning home. The first goal completed, his next step was to find a position and then he could get married.

Ë?Ë?Ë? He Was a Christian Pacifist With Little Care For The Outside World

Samuel was a quiet man, some would say a pacifist. He believed in God, family and education. He was not concerned with the happenings outside his home town.

Ë?Ë?Ë? When His Country Fell Into Civil War He Was Forced To Question His Most Core Beliefs

Outside events, however, were about to drag him from his beloved Elmira. It was the spring of 1861 and Confederate forces had recently attacked Fort Sumter. Against every moral belief, he enlisted in the Union Army and with his first step toward the south, he changed his life forever.

Ë?Ë?Ë? Law of Moses is the AWARD WINNING, first book in the Sam and Laura series. It will captivate and inspire readers from all walks of life!

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The Three Musketeers

by Alexandre Dumas

Alexandre Dumas’s most famous taleâ?? and possibly the most famous historical novel of all timeâ?? in a handsome hardcover volume.

This swashbuckling epic of chivalry, honor, and derring-do, set in France during the 1620s, is richly populated with romantic heroes, unattainable heroines, kings, queens, cavaliers, and criminals in a whirl of adventure, espionage, conspiracy, murder, vengeance, love, scandal, and suspense. Dumas transforms minor historical figures into larger- than-life characters: the Comte d’Artagnan, an impetuous young man in pursuit of glory; the beguilingly evil seductress “Milady”; the powerful and devious Cardinal Richelieu; the weak King Louis XIII and his unhappy queenâ??and, of course, the three musketeers themselves, Athos, Porthos, and Aramis, whose motto “all for one, one for all” has come to epitomize devoted friendship. With a plot that delivers stolen diamonds, masked balls, purloined letters, and, of course, great bouts of swordplay, The Three Musketeers is eternally entertaining.

Gentlemen Prefer Spinsters (Spinsters Club Book 1)

by Samantha Holt

The first rule of the Spinsters Club is: You do not talk about the Spinsters Club.
The second rule of the Spinsters Club is: You do not talk about the Spinsters Club.
The third rule…Well, Merry understands the rules of the Spinsters Club fully, considering it was her idea in the first place.

When one of her good friends loses her heart to an utter rogue and is ruined forever, she’s determined that the life of a spinster is for her. Thankfully, she’s not alone. Her three dearest friends have had their share of heartbreak and resolve to join her. No matter what the demanding mamas and papas of the world say, they will not give up their spinsterhood.

Particularly not to the handsome Lord Harcourt Easton, the Earl of Langley. Merry has always liked Harcourt-after all he is her brother’s best friend-but she cannot fathom his sudden interest in her. After all, he was well known to be quite the rogue at times and she’s hardly the sort to attract the attention of a rake. But Harcourt has loved Merry for some time now. And he’s determined to make her see that. If only he could get past this stubborn determination that she should never marry and convince her he’s the man for her.

The death of her father and some strange incidents that put Merry in danger might not be ideal circumstances to woo a woman, but Harcourt is willing to make the best of a dire situation-especially while Merry needs a shoulder to cry on.

Harcourt could well be the most amazing man she knows, and Merry cannot help but be grateful for his support, but she cannot very well turn her back on the Spinsters Club so soon…can she?

White Crow (The House of Crow Book 1)

by John W. Wood

After mountain man Isaiah Crow and his companion, Jacques LeRue, arrive in Alta California, they intervene and save a group of people from local bandits.

As luck would have it, they are family and Vaqueros from the rancho of Don Hernando Batista, one of the most powerful families in Southern California – and very anxious to take their new friends to meet the Patron.

After Se̱or Batista introduces his daughter Francisca to Isaiah, the two soon fall in love. From this union a child РJedadiah Рis born. He will learn not only how to read and write, but also the art of war, and through Jedadiah the House of Crow will become one of the most powerful families in the country.

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