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The Storyteller of Pain

by Loren Molloy

How are you supposed to survive when you’re trapped in a Lunatic Asylum with 13 demons and a deadly surgeon? Dr. SinClair had no idea but if she didn’t do something soon her demise would become just another tale for the Storyteller of Pain

Tales of Solomon Pace (The Storm Series)

by Alan Scott

Writing Style: Dialogue and Character driven
Book Type: Dark Fantasy
Main Character/Race Types: Wizards, Witches, Vampyres, Soldiers, Werewolves, Humans, Anti hero
Themes: Power, Relationships, Love, Loss, and Parenthood
Target audience: Open minded people who enjoy a more mature and grittier storyline in their fantasy books

You may enjoy, if you like the following authors: Anne Bishop, David Gemmell, and Joe Abercrombie

Brief Synopses of book: Tales of Solomon Pace contains a number of linked short stories which expands the background of Solomon Pace and gives additional information on the land mass of Talocants.

Authors Blurb: Tales of Solomon Pace’ can be read as part of the Storm Series or as a standalone book of interlinked short stories.

With â??Tales of Solomon Pace’ I knew straight away that I wanted to delve deeper into the background of the man and to give the reader glimpses of Solomon’s past. To that end, I’ve produce a range of stories which will show different aspects of Solomon Pace, and give the reader additional insight to this very complicated, dangerous and intriguing character.

I hope you enjoy.


Metal Beast: A Short Story for Halloween

by Chris Paton

Through the Khyber Pass of Afghanistan, a demon drives a metal beast on a hellish mission to destroy the desert city of Gushtia. Tasked with stopping the beast, Hari Singh is aided by a young Navy Lieutenant, Jamie Hanover, for whom the lessons of Afghanistan are harsh and bloody. But as the unlikely comrades make their own preparations Hari must ask himself who is the greater demon? The demon in control of the beast, or the beast that hunts the demon?

Metal Beast is a short story for Halloween, taking an alternative look at events from book 1 in the Adventures of Hanover & Singh: Metal Emissary.

Metal Emissary is followed by

Slow Demons, book 2
Khronos, book 3
Djinn, book 4

Events in Metal Beast are not intended to have any bearing on the continued Adventures of Hanover and Singh.

F. Marion Crawford: The Complete Supernatural Stories (tales of horror and mystery: The Upper Berth, For the Blood Is the Life, The Screaming Skull, The Dollâ??s Ghost, The Dead Smile…)

by F. Marion Crawford

Francis Marion Crawford (1854-1909) was an American writer and historian noted for his many novels, especially those set in Italy, and for his classic weird and fantastic stories. H. Russell Wakefield, in an essay on ghost stories, called Crawford’s “The Upper Berth” (1886) the “very best one” of such stories. H. P. Lovecraft considered it “one of the most tremendous horror-stories in all literature.”

The Mourning of the Magicians

by Gary Janis

In 2016 I began writing a screenplay titled The Devouring. Having had completed the work, I attempted, as best as I could, to find an agent to represent and move this script into the hands of an innovative and interested moviemaker. But, alas, that has not yet happened. I would love to see this work of fiction brought to the big screen; I do believe that it would be a smashing success if it found its way there.

The Devouring is an exotic and complicated story that begins in 1944, at the Auschwitz concentration camp, and finds its conclusion in 2021, at the inauguration of the 46th President of the United States in Washington, D.C.

The story tells of a character named Darius, a character who tells us about his life estranged from the world of human kind. He is a vampire, but not the type of vampire that one has had innumerable and familiar elbow, or should I say, neck rubbings with. Darius’s vampirism is distinctive all together. And the historical voyage that he takes us on proves that with an unearthly blueprint.

In this slim volume, in Part I, I have distilled many of the poetic attributes of the dialog of my screenplay into small works that I call prosetry. Part II is a new work, traveling down an unknown path.

Seeming to be very short, short stories, these literary bijous call out to the reader as, methinks, like vagabond poems who care not for poetry. To Rimbaud and Baudelaire I throw a dark red kiss! Un bisou pour les morts.



After the murder of Gabriel, Sofia is left alone in the world. Revenge will be the only engine of her life. To achieve her goal, she must begin by knowing herself in an arduous and long path until master her powers. Fantasy tale.

Dead Aware: A Horror Tale Told in Screenplay: Before Gate 4 (Gate 4: A Serial Novel Book 0)

by Terry M. West

“It is a wonderful tale told in the form of a screenplay, a sultry and lurid screenplay. Oozing character and harking back to the heyday of 80’s horror. Gore, skin, sex, drugs and a broken hero you can root for, Dead Aware has it all.”-Zachary Walters, The Eyes of Madness

Before the GATE 4 series, there was DEAD AWARE. Dunlavey, the broken “P.I. with a third eye”, exists in the dark shadows of New York City. Stricken by a sex magic ritual gone awry, an attempt to open his third eye, Dunlavey is cursed with horrifying visions and glimpses of hell itself. He uses this dark gift to assist the NYPD with any case that is deemed occult or unusual in nature. Constantly on a bad acid trip, Dunlavey drowns his pain in booze, drugs, and dangerous women. In DEAD AWARE, transients are being heinously killed and reassembled in a way that Dunlavey has never seen in his researches. As Dunlavey is drawn into the case, he soon realizes that the killer is aware of him, and able to strike out at him through his visions.

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