Free humour Kindle books for 28 Aug 18

Divine Space Gods: Abraham’s Follies

by Martin Lundqvist

This Novella is parody on the book “The Divine Dissimulation” by the same author.

Far enough in the future for anything to be conceivable, the ridiculously wealthy and dementia-ridden villain Abraham Goldstein, is defrauded by a shrewd scientist Jack Brown into funding an implausible “secret” project to travel to heaven and meet God! Against all logic the machine end up working and Abraham finds out that the god is dead, and that Yahweh in his suicide letter was kind enough to leave the schematics for the mind control chip he used to convince Bronze Age humans that he was a god.

Having these schematics Abraham sets his mind for a new project To create an artificial Bronze Age world where he can be God over it’s inhabitants. Along the way he faces many highly amusing scenarios such as problem with the henchmen union, unfortunate calendar mistakes, malfunctioning orbital super weapons etc. Abraham keeps fucking up thing due to his dementia, villainy, incompetent henchmen, and general stupidity until a mentally ill woman shows up out of nowhere and puts and end to Abraham’s follies!

Danger Worm Danger!: Doggo Tails Bork 5

by Risa Fey

The danger worm is coming to the party.

    Hi, fren! Am Heckin’ Hektor, the tail-waggin’ doggo. A smol pet ratton, nametagged Jiminy, is havin’ a sooprise berthday pardy exploshun! But a hangry nope-rope is crashin’ that pardy, doin’ me ‘n all the neighborkhud rattons a heckin’ concern.
    Ohno–ohno… Wot will we do a do?!
    LOLcats also feature semi-hevily in this action-packed rebork. But yo’ll never do a gues how the story ends, fren. Am shore of it. Y, u ask? Wel, becos about twenty plot twists await u. There wil be wowzer sooper powers ‘n deus ex machinas, to teh max!

Rated Tripol-R for blud ‘n guts. (Not rly.) Don’ let yor hooman no-fur puppers read this bork.

A short story and bork 5 of the Doggo Tails series.

For dog lovers of all ages, and seekers of doggo fiction and pretentious doge literature. If you love cute and nonsensical doggo memes, you’ll love these hilarious and heart-warming doggo tales, as told by the doggos themselves.

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