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A Hole In My Soul: My Fatherâ??s Sin

by Java L. Collins


The absence of a father assigns feelings of worthlessness, rejection, and abandonment to a person. And the truth of the matter is, it produces wounds that run deep, leaving us with a hole in our souls. This gap creates negative weight naturally, spiritually and emotionally. The wounds of abandonment and rejection from a father cannot be visibly seen; but can overwhelm us, blind us, cripple us, and if we are not careful, they possess the potential to physically destroy us.

For every person whose father was absent, and you feel like there is something missing, this book is for you.

It allows us to investigate, ask questions and face the answers which will help strengthen us to change and become all we can for the glory of God by sealing the â??hole‘ as we become â??whole‘.

So, if you’re ready to heal the â??hole in your soul’, join me as I share with you avenues on how to get startedâ?¦click the BUY NOW button and let’s start this journey together.

Urban Goddess Mama: How I Got My Goddess Back After Postpartum Depression

by Melania Tolan

Nobody prepared me for what I would consider the darkest period of my life, the year I became a part of a statistic. Here’s my story of how I joined the growing number of women dealing with postpartum disorder and found my way through the black fog of depression.

Adoption Miracle: One Life Decision Away To Saying, â??I Choose You.â?

by Colette Hotchner

We all have our own views and perspectives about what adoption is and isn’t. Some of them come from what we have seen and heard throughout the life experiences of someone that is adopted or has adopted in real life, or even documentaries and books like this one. Others are just simply vague “ideas” that people plant into our minds based almost entirely on hearsay and fallacy. These myths are everywhere and there are tons of them out there.

Over in this book, we have organized a very straightforward summary of everything you need to know covering the fundamental basics of the process of adoption and debunking your fears with all the worry and anxiety you might have built up over time as you consult more of your friends or even “strangers” for their opinions. Sometimes preparation would go a long way when you do your research properly and your mind arrives at the destination before you do. That way, you can reduce alot of unwanted wasted energy on the things and people that don’t matter or participate in the role of raising this child. At the end of the day, you hold the key to your life decisions and this would be one of those times that would change your entire world forever. We are here with you every step of the way in this book.

“Adopting one child might not change the world overnight, but for the child, their world would never be the same.” â?? Colette Hotchner

Book Content Includes:

Chapter 1 – So What Do I Do First?

Chapter 2 – Nine Adoption Myths Debunked

Chapter 3 – How To Get Ready To Adopt A Baby

Chapter 4 – Getting On The Same Page As Your Partner

Chapter 5 – Top 7 Reasons To Use An Adoption Agency

Chapter 6 – Ideas To Help With The Cost of Adopting

Chapter 7 – The Pros & Cons of Adoption

Chapter 8 – The Future of Adoption

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The Mad Writings

by Pete Marchesi

I don’t know. I get lost sometimes.

If you are interested in mad people. Do not be. It is like this. People are not really mad. They are forbidden. It is making us not crazy. It is like we do not want to know anymore. We feel crowded and lash out.

Personally I don’t think that madness exists.

The Judge

by Pete Marchesi

A simple… book.

(I would like to add that the courts are rife with injustice. That said, what are we going to do about it? It is this. The fundaments are wrong. We need to consider two things. Promiscuity and drug taking. They are not against any… law. There is an influx of religion in this country that is making it very hard for us to live.)

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