Free religion and spirituality Kindle books for 28 Aug 18

Always Faithful: Clean Amish and Military Romance

by Aqua Allsopp

A Standalone Sweet Clean Amish Romance. Download for FREE with Kindle Unlimited

Always Faithful is a clean, Amish, romance set in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. A modern love story where 300-years of religious and old world European tradition clash with the 21st Century when an Iraq and Afghanistan, battle hardened, young, handsome marine comes to town looking to find a new normal for his life.

Always Faithful tackles some of the same difficult decisions as many people in the new global economy face where people of different cultures and religions come into closer contact, fall in love and try to blend two worlds. It also touches on the challenges of living in a closed society where genetically similar people marry and have children.

As the pool of genetic combinations becomes smaller and smaller, the prevalence of recessive genetic disease becomes greater. Find out if love will overcome or if genetics or religion will stop it before it has a chance to bloom.

Love between Amish and non-Amish people is rarely permitted and can cause a young Amish person to have to give up everything to follow their heart. Always Faithful will make your heart beat quicker with the turn of every page as we watch the lives of people with so much on the line pursue this forbidden love.

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A standalone short story ending Happily Ever After PLUS 9 bonus clean romance stories inside!

Nirvana Express: Journal of a Very Brief Monkhood

by S.P. Somtow

Novelist, composer and conductor Somtow Sucharitkul (who writes books under the name S.P. Somtow) had an extraordinary epiphany while driving downthe California coast. At almost 50 years of age, having spent very little time in his native Thailand, he was seized by an overwhelming desire to enter a Buddhist monastery.

This is the story of that journey, full of surprises, culture shock, discoveries, humor and spirituality. Visions, dreams, comedy, philosophy, wisdom and superstition mingle in an unforgettable fusion.

Hope for Every Moment: Inspirational Thoughts to Encourage You on Your Journey

by T. D. Jakes

Through the darkness and the storm hold on to hope. 

What gives you the endurance to stand firm through hardship? How can you outlast every storm that comes against you? What gives you strength to press on, even when you feel you can’t take another step? Hope.

The Bible calls hope an anchor for the soul. In his signature style, Bishop T.D. Jakes shares wisdom and inspiration from Scripture to help you thrive in every season.

Experience rivers of refreshingâ??whether you are in the valley of trial or on the mountaintop of victoryâ??by clinging to Hope for Every Moment!

Falling: An Angel in Disguise Book 1

by M.K. Lansbury

A headstrong young woman. An enigmatic stranger. She didn’t believe in love until she met her guardian angel.

Teresa returns to her family’s old summer home in upstate New York to attend the funeral of her older brother. It’s a place that she’s scared to visit – her parents died there when she was quite young, an accident that caused her to lose a bit of herself – and her faith in God. As she investigates her brother’s death she meets – and is saved from a near-death situation by – a mysterious stranger, Gabe, whom she immediately finds herself attracted to. As Gabe assists her with the case and she falls for him, she starts to suspect something out of the ordinary…

He’s an angel sent to protect her.

In the vein of uplifting, romantic stories told by Karen Kingsbury and Karen Witemeyer, FALLING is the first in the AN ANGEL IN DISGUISE series by longtime ghost writer M.K. Lansbury. A contemporary, sweet romance, it features a clean, wholesome story with suspense, paranormal and thriller aspects – but most importantly an exploration of what makes someone believe in something larger than them.

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“When she fell, he was there to catch her.”

The Trampled Rose Devotional: Study Guide for the Trampled Rose Series

by Michelle Lynn Brown

The devotional/study guide for the Trampled Rose Series.

We are meant to be beautiful roses that grow and bloom under the warmth of God’s love. However, many things can come into the garden of our lives and threaten to trample those roses. Some are things we let in, and others we have no control over. The weeds that threaten to choke our growth, the storms that threaten to rip the petals off, and the feet that carelessly trample over us might seem like insurmountable problems to an average gardener. During these trampling times, we must remember that He is the Master Gardener.
The Trampled Rose Series features women whose spirits are crushed. Circumstances in each of these women’s lives have created an opportunity to feel trampled and withered under the mighty weight of life. Journey through the Bible with the characters from the series as they learn about trusting God, letting go of the past, battling fear and much more.

Liberty Angel

by Jennifer Lynch

Gemma’s life as a single parent rapidly changes as she discovers the real her. The road to personal freedom and liberty is strewn with obstacles which constantly block her path. However, she soon learns to find strength through her spirituality and begins to see the light in her relationships, first with her husband Tony and later with her friend John. Then, she meets the charming Alessandro who she is immediately attracted to. Is it simply a call of destiny to take control of her life, or have they been together in a past life? Gemma weaves her way through the difficulties of being a single parent, judgments from her ex husband and finding work. Things are not quite as they seem, as Gemma discovers both the benefits and pitfalls of predicting the future!

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