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Chronic Pain: Standing Upright: The Proven 30 Day Solution to Neck Pain, Back Pain, and Shoulder Pain – Relieve And Treat Backache With Back Pain Exercises

by Gregg Haven M.D.

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Are you suffering from chronic back, neck, or shoulder pain? Do you feel the effects of aging and the deterioation of your body? And do you take longer than usual to recover from these ailments? 

If any of the above applies to you, then this book is exactly what you need to reverse and recover from your chronic pain.

Introducing “Standing Upright” The Proven 30 Day Solution To Healing Your Chronic Pain!

In This Book You Will Get:

  • Proven Special Treatment Measures to Treat Back Pain
  • Traditional Healing Methods that are Not Invasive
  • Elimination of Pain in as little as 30 Days
  • Consequences and Causes of Improper Treatment and Diagnosis 
  • Exercises to Alleviate Symptoms
  • Improved Quality of Life 

Benefits of this Book Include:

  • Increased Mobility and Flexibility

  • A Better Understanding of Your Condition and Alternative Therapies 

  • Living With & Causes of Back Pain

  • Better Posturing for Life-Long Success

  • Reparation of Back, Neck, and Shoulder 

  • And Much Much More!

This book will not only help correct the mistakes you are making right now when it comes to dealing and managing your chronic pain but also improve and reverse the effects it has done to your body for improved quality of life in the years to come!

Let’s not wait any longer! 

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