Free war Kindle books for 28 Aug 18

Vengeance (Reign of Phyre Book 2)

by Nikolai Kuper

When the fires of war engulf the north, it takes everything from Arjen. He loses all but one purpose in life: vengeance. But vengeance is all-encompassing and blinding – will it put his soul at ease?

The Lost Tribe (Jake Johnson Adventures Book 1)

by Steven Wilkens

It is 1915 and the world is at war. Jake Johnson, a down-and-out sea captain is returning to Europe as a passenger on the old British steamer STAR OF DUBLIN, when German operatives suddenly take over the ship by force. They are after the secret cargo in the forward holds. They plan on meeting up with an armed commerce raider to transfer that cargo. Once they have the cargo, the STAR OF DUBLIN will simply vanish will all hands.
In rounding up the passengers and crew, the Germans missed one, Jake Johnson. Unarmed and alone, Jake must figure out a way to retake the ship. If he can do that, he will then have to do battle with a German U-boat that has been tailing the ship, and the armed raider with nothing more than what he can find within the ship’s holds.
The secret cargo he finds in the forward holds is not weapons, but a race of people that have been starved and tortured for twenty years to make them wild, flesh-eating creatures that the Germans planned on turning loose in the trenches of France.

On part en septembre (French Edition)

by Frederick Tubiermont

Camille est né le 16 mars 1888 à Lodelinsart, en Belgique. Le 1er août 1914 il est mobilisé dans le 10ème de ligne et part défendre la position fortifiée de Namur. Son frère, Victor, quitte Anvers le 28 décembre 1907 à bord du paquebot Vaderland de la Red Star Line pour émigrer aux Etats Unis. “On part en septembre” est le récit romancé de leurs destins croisés. Une histoire ordinaire sur fond d’événements extraordinaires. De la Belle Epoque à la Grande Guerre.

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