Free horror Kindle books for 29 Aug 18

North End

by Jason Nevercott

As teenage student Tom Murray makes his way home in the wet and windy late night, he is looking forward to a lazy week off from his studies. But after he falls asleep on an empty tube train, the piercing screams of a young female wake him up. He stumbles into a dark tunnel towards the source of the screams. But when he finds them he cannot believe what he is seeing. He faces difficult choices and surprises, and his life will never be the same again.

Whimsical Leprosy

by Brandon Faircloth

Horror. Magic. Beauty. Terror. The thirteen works contained within have all of these and much more. Hear the tale of a man who bears witness to atrocities as he rides the rails with a monstrous family. Take part in a magical heist where the guard is invisible and one touch can kill. Learn the fates of a brother and sister whose intertwined stories have dark beginnings and darker ends. Join a man as he searches for his lost love and dreams of distant worlds and endless seas, knowing in his heart that we used to be more than this.

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