Free humour Kindle books for 29 Aug 18

Man Up and Take It Like A Woman: 10 Success Tips I Learned From My Wife

by T.C. Simmons

A comical study of 10 great Success/Life tips I’ve learned from my wife of 30 years. Examining the strength of a woman and why I am considering myself a true Feminist.

It’s All Grey: A Cartoon Compendium of a not so Black-and-White Election

by D.L. Brasfield

It was total war. All sides were against the man. Even some Republicans turned their backs at one point. Many points, rather. Speaker Ryan didn’t want to be seen anywhere near that man after the tape of him and Billy B. came out where they could be heard joking about grabbing their adversaries by the huevos, only not their adversaries and not men.

It was Trump, alone, standing in front of tens of thousands of working-class men and women, giving humorous speeches that reverberated throughout the stadium like the soft-spoken voice of God. Then he would erupt, “Get ’em outta here!” with the freneticism of a big league umpire. He would show his detractors how to win. That much he did, and all it left was rubble – that and some strange supernatural force called MAGA.

Re-experience the hardest fought presidential election in American history from a conservative perspective. This compendium shows how a man intensely vilified by the media could – humorously – still become president. D.L. Brasfield is a single-panel cartoonist and creator of the webcomic Boobs (not that kind of boobs). A man of the people, he enjoys long walks on the beach, coffee with no sugar and writing compelling narratives about himself in the third person.

21st Century Leopardi (Italian Edition)

by Ridam S. S. Rahman

Cosa accadrebbe se Giacomo Leopardi si ritrovasse nel ventunesimo secolo? Se il poeta che celebrava la noia si ritrovasse a vivere nell’era della sovrainformazione? Probabilmente NON questo.

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