Free Kindle books for children and young adults for 29 Aug 18

The Pixie Tales – The Gift

by Kenneth Roberts

The Gift is a story of the journey from child to adulthood for a young Pixie who chose to bless the world with her gift, and the lives of those she touched.

The Faerie Ring Dance

by Kara Skye Smith

The Faerie Ring Dance

The Faerie Ring Dance Captivates Young Readers with Action and Mischief on Every Page

Come along on a magical, action-packed adventure inside the Faerie’s Ring! Discover the enchanting band of Ellewyon Faeries who inhabit Old Soul’s Hollow – a town at the edge of the Great North Woods. Are the faerie legends in the Hollow true? Discover what happens when humans step inside a faerie’s ring on the night of its magical, Hunter’s Moon Dance for an imaginative frolic through the Faerie Queen’s world. Meet her Court and find out just what they have in store for the humans who have entered inside their ring.

The faerie’s plot to enchant a young sheep tender and a woman from Old Soul’s Hollow disappears. Meet the tiny sized hero who goes to save a human friend, Honor McGillicutty, and cheer at his heart-felt heroism to stake a claim all his own within the Hollow. He wants to be accepted by the Faerie Queen and her Court, but while trying to defend himself and his friends he wonders if he fits in any where at all. Intending to save the day while searching in the Wood, his ears are reached by the enchanting faeries music drifting from a ring of grass that grows more green, and he is beckoned by the sound of tiny bells to “Come and dance inside the faerie’s ring!”
What happens? This tale is a rare, eye-witness account found in the hollow of a six-shaped tree.
IBSN: 978-1466461880
AUTHOR: Kara Skye Smith
No. of PAGES PRINT: 242

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