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Rainy afternoons

by Emma Rose

“And maybe the falling stars

were souls who were falling in love

and that is why they are so beautiful.

Today a star fell

with your name on it. “

“With the sun going down,

my hope was lightening up

for new beginning,

for a new day,

for a new love.

One without the clouds and storms

from yesterday.

Without the tears and sadness

from the other day.

A new, pure love.

Like a sky after storm. “

Pilot Flying J

by Pete Marchesi

An interesting book. A little weird. I remember that gas station well.

I used to park at it overnight when I took my trip across America in my van… From Los Angeles to New York. I made it there and back in a mere three months. Wrote a lot…

(Thank you for all of your support. I am really doing well. I recommend KDP highly if you are a writer and want to break the mold. If you have a good way to market your books… this would be a lovely way to start writing. Thanks.)


by Pete Marchesi

Another wonderful book. Full of poems and intrigue. Entertaining and fulfilling.

Please buy. (It would interest you to know that I recommend KDP highly. They have helped me immensely putting my collection together. I am doing well. Please try it. There is money to be made in it…)

Davidâ??s Chants to God: Prayers and Poems

by David Goldman

I write this book from the depths of my soul, my spirit and my being.
Dear readers, it is time for you to take off the masks and paint off your faces, and be true.
Become kind and honest people, with compassion, tolerance and justice!
The land will be darkened at noon and then – God shall fulfill our dreams.

“Dear Lord my protector and shelter, don’t let me fall
Guide me with your salvation, embrace me to thy pure light
Launder me white as snow, good to be sheltered in purity
Jehovah, my dear Father, warm my soul for it is cold…”

The Second Book of Beloved: Part 2 (Beloved of God)

by Forester de Santos

The Second Book of Beloved Part 2 is about the faithful writing in the form of verses, short stories and short essays filled with wisdom of heart of a simple man with real faith of God who seeks with all honesty more truth of God and of the creation of God. And every time the simple writer finds a piece of the truth of God, the simple writer puts it in his notebook as in his new heart and new mind, the mind of beloved of God. The reader will joyfully and gladly read about Beloved’s greatest finding, his real faith of God; and about his greater loss, the grace of God; and about his desolation and about his hope in real or in royal life alive but in real or royal faith of God.

Sesenta versos en prosa (Spanish Edition)

by José Fabio Herrera Valerio

sesenta poemas escritos de mis vivencias, pensamientos y sueños.

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