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The Ultimate Body Building Workout Program for Generation X & Y: How to become a Body Builder at 40+…… to compete or just look like you do!

by Chad M. McKinley

The YEAR LONG custom designed WORKOUT PROGRAM for people over 40.
Over the years the body gets used to certain exercises, activities and functions.
My workout program takes these issues into account and not only designs you a routine full of new concepts and theories…..but spends the year teaching you to become your own trainer or coach. For life.
The author has over two decades of experience as a Pro-Athlete and Soldiers, as well as……Coach and Trainer to Pro-Athletes, Models, Performers and literally thousands of clients from all walks of life.

I have been Personal Training and Coaching since the late 1980’s…..When I got my first job as a teenager at the infamous “George Turners Gym”
(Maker of Bodybuilding champions in those days).

I have served twice in the United States Army (Aviation) , where I was a Master Fitness and in charge of fitness programs battalion wide.
During this time period is where “MAC-P” fighting systems were formed and put to practice.
I am a level 3.

I went to college in Oregon and Arizona, where I majored in Law and Finance.
I have also spent two decades working in and around finance and Real Estate Development.
I currently also managed my own real estate based Hedge Fund.

For the past 12 years I have focused on being the Agent, Coach and the trainer of Models, Performers and athletes.

In particular, Fitness Models and physique competitors, Cheerleaders and Pro-MMA Fighters.
Over the past decade, I have worked in some of the most famous gyms in the world for their prospective sport….

Training next to and sparring with some of the biggest Icons of our day.

I specialize in getting clients “Performance/Competition Ready”.

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