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Mystic: Yellowstone (Mystic Series Book 2)

by Robert Perkinson

Joan Worthing has a new job as a seasonal ranger in Yellowstone National Park. She is hoping to escape a long history of physical and sexual abuse by her brother Teddy who is schizophrenic. Teddy escapes from a mental hospital and rushes to find her. He believes she must have his child who will save the world from an alien invasion. He is desperate to find Joan and save the world. Doctor Rand Holland, a psychologist in new recovery from alcoholism, becomes involved in the search for Teddy and the protection of Joan. One of Rand’s teenage patients Lela Lander runs away from home seeking help from Rand. She becomes involved with a Satanic coven in Denver run by Lonn Majors. All these characters meet in Yellowstone as the coven holds a Halloween ritual sacrifice that will bring Satan to earth for the ultimate battle between good and evil.

FORGOTTEN CRIMES: a gripping psychological suspense thriller

by Anna Willett

A young woman is forced to face up to the truth of her past…

Gloria is heading to meet her friend Rhetty in a bar. Once close, the two friends have drifted apart. Rhetty is different now, a shadow of her former self, and it all goes back to an incident that occurred four years ago.

They meet at the same bar as always. It’s a sleazy venue. Gloria is uncomfortable there. She has a recollection of something terrible happening at the place, but can’t recall any details.

Rhetty is agitated. She tells Gloria something that can’t be true. That another acquaintance of theirs, a bolshie woman called Joanna, is back on the scene. It can’t be true because Joanna died four years ago.

What is Rhetty trying to achieve when she convinces Gloria to return to where Joanna died? And why is Gloria, despite her reservations, ready to go along with her? Why did Joanna die, and how is it possible she could return?

FORGOTTEN CRIMES is a psychological thriller that will keep you turning the pages. It has a huge twist that you won’t suspect. If you enjoyed Paula Hawkins’ THE GIRL ON THE TRAIN, or like thrillers by STEPHEN KING, you’ll love this book.

FORGOTTEN CRIMES is the fourth book by Australian author Anna Willett. Check out her first book BACKWOODS RIPPER, or read the prequel to it included in this book, and her others: RETRIBUTION RIDGE and UNWELCOME GUESTS.

Also look out for Anna Willett’s latest release, CRUELTY’S DAUGHTER.

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Comfort Cakes Cozy Mysteries, The Complete Series: A 5 Book Box Set With 5 Delicious Cake Recipes

by Nancy McGovern


This box set includes ALL 5 books from Nancy McGovern’s popular series PLUS 5 delicious cake recipes straight from the pages of the stories! That’s more than 1,000 pages (KU) of delicious desserts & tasty whodunnits in one big bundle! Grab your copy TODAY!


Book 1, Murder & Marble Cake:
Rachel Rowan yearns for a new start. So, ready for change and up for a challenge, she has decided to relocate to the beautiful coastal town of Swaddle, California to pursue her lifelong dream of opening her very own bakery! And, as a self-professed “Queen of Cakes”, she can’t wait to show the world what she can do!

Sadly, not everyone shares her enthusiasm.

While the majority of the locals are thrilled with her new Comfort Cakes Bake Shop, Rachel soon learns that the owner of a local café is determined to ruin her. Of course, business is business, and a bit of competition may even make things interesting! But when Rachel finds a dead body in her kitchen just before the Grand Opening and she is accused of the murder, she quickly realizes that this is more than a little friendly rivalry!

Book 2, Guilt & Galaxy Cake:
Rachel’s newest assignment is to create an enticing galaxy cake to celebrate the latest release from popular science fiction author, Stan Stickman. But when the legendary scribe is killed in a manner eerily reminiscent of a murder found in his own book, Rachel finds herself sucked into a vortex of mystery & deceit from which she seems unable to escape.

Now, if she hopes to get out with her own life intact, she must figure out who is to blame for the deadly deed. And with a cast of suspects including an astronaut-turned-senator, an obsessed fan and even her own ex-boyfriend, she is in for a wild ride!

Book 3, Strangulation & Strawberry Cake:
When Rachel is hired to bake a special strawberry cake for Sheriff Scott’s grandmother’s 90th birthday, she works extra hard to make it as perfect as possible. After all, the sharp-eyed millionaire is known to have a hot temper & a short fuse. But, despite all of her hard work, there’s no way Rachel could have prevented this party from going awry.

Not when someone is murdered right before dinner!

Grandma Mallory’s accountant is the victim. It seems he’d learned something that someone wished to keep secret and, with nobody at the party other than members of the family, one of them must be the killer.

Unless, that is, it’s the ghost in the atticâ?¦

Book 4, Bodies & Bundt Cake:
How exciting!

Rachel is off to spend a weekend serving as a judge for a baking contest! She’s ready to fill her belly with delicious desserts and clear her mind of everything to do with work. But there’s just one problemâ?¦

Someone has just been murdered, and one of the contestants just may be the killer! And there’s reason to believe that one of Rachel’s closest friends may be next on the criminal’s list!

Now, all thoughts of selecting the most talented baker have been replaced by trying to catch the culprit before he or she strikes again!

And the clock is tickingâ?¦

Book 5, Weddings & Wine Cake:
Rachel wants nothing more than for her father to be happy. So, when he announces his plans to remarry, in theory, she should be happy for him. But that’s not going to happen.

After all, his bride-to-be is young enough to be his daughter! And that does not sit well with Rachel.

More than just a bit skeptical and uneasy, she is strongly considering whether or not she will even attend the wedding. But when Scott makes a strong case for supporting her father on his big day, she eventually relents. Soon enough, she learns that she’s not the only one who opposes this union. In fact, the two families seem ready to go to war over it!

And one member, in particular, may even resort to murder to get their way…

UPGRADED YOU: Get Connected to Your Inner Wisdom & Health, Overcome Challenges like IBS, Anxiety & More

by Onerva Aino

Do you want to live a more balanced and meaningful life?

Do you want better health?

Through her own struggle with health issues and years of research on the topics, Onerva Aino is showing the reader how to overcome the challenges of life and get more connected to the innate wisdom that we all hold within. The 5 steps in the book – that can be conducted as a 5-week program – provide the reader with simple action steps and practices for transformation.

Whether you

  • wonder about the meaning of life

  • struggle with anxiety and worry

  • wish you could love yourself more

  • want to have a healthy gut

  • want support in establishing a healthy lifestyle in general – you are in the right place.

Upgraded You functions as a supportive, inspiring guide to anyone who wishes to aquire more self-awareness and self-love and inspire themselves into new heights. If this is you, scroll to the top of the page and click “Buy now with 1-Click”, and hop on this transformational journey with Onerva Aino. You will be lovingly supported through your journey, step by step.

STUFFED FULL (Forbidden Erotic Taboo Collection)

by Penny Polethirst

A deliciously naughty collection, all about messy finishes and getting right to the good, dirty stuff…

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