Free horror Kindle books for 30 Aug 18

Gloom Rising & Reality Falling: (2 Book Bundle) (The Book Wielder Saga)

by Sean Davies

Vampires, Werewolves, Mages, astonishing action, and page-turning suspense are woven into this modern-day dark fantasy saga.

Winston Reynolds’ mind-numbingly normal life gets turned upside-down when he stumbles across a mystical old tome that grants him magical powers, Alchemical knowledge, and the ability to enter the Gloom; a dark reflection of reality filled with arcane reagents and countless dangers.

After the shocking news sinks in he quickly sets himself up in the Shadow Circle, the most powerful Supernatural crime gang on his continent, to escape his unbearably mediocre life. But an interview for a more prestigious position within the gang changes Winston’s life in more ways than he could’ve ever imagined. Eagerly abandoning his previous dull lifestyle, he descends into a world of wealth, lustful debauchery, power, and violence. However, forces beyond Winston’s control lurk in the background, and seek to either guide or manipulate his unique abilities and insatiable ambition.

All the while Alice Eve, the stern, pious, and unflinching Inquisitor General, fights to end corruption and restore order to the planet. Alice is prepared to fight tooth and nail to correct the many wrongs in her world, but is she ready to face the hidden Supernatural threat and Winston Reynolds’ inhuman allies? Is she ready to face the reality-shattering truth and wonder that a strange, shape-changing book offers?

The Gloom Rising and Reality Falling Collection features both Book 1 and 2 of the Book Wielder Saga and has been rewritten to feature new and previously omitted content.

Fate has plans for the Book Wielders… as do many others.

Something Wicked: A Witchy Murder Mystery (Any Witch Way But Murder)

by Freya Darcy

One lonely witch, one snarky familiar, one puzzling murder!

As if learning to control her new witchy abilities wasn’t hard enough, Kismet Silverstone can’t even get through the day without being roped into a hunt for Bigfoot or finding a dead body in the woods!

Someone is using magic to kill, and Kismet’s ability to be in the wrong place at the wrong time with too much information is starting to not only get the attention of the infuriating Detective Jameson but also the murderer!

As the body count climbs and suspicion falls on Kismet, can she find the evil lurking in the shadows before she ends up in prison or worse?

Something Wicked is a fun cozy witch mystery full of laughs, magic, and murder!

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