Free mystery and thriller Kindle books for 30 Aug 18

The Calgary Chessman (The Calgary Chessman series Book 1)

by Yvonne Marjot

On a windswept beach on the Isle of Mull, Cas Longmore is walking away loneliness when she unearths a mystery in the sand. To Cas, torn between Scotland and her New Zealand home, the object seems as odd and out-of-place as herself.

Intrigued, she begins to search for its origins, thinking it will bring a brief respite from isolation. Instead, the Calgary chess piece opens the door to friendships and new hope.

Her son, meanwhile, brings home his own revelation to shake her world.


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The Calgary Chessman
The Book of Lismore
The Ashentilly Letters

Transitions: Balanced on Shaky Ground

by J-Pier Durio

Transitions are the periods between changes. Change neither excludes nor discriminates. However, it matters how you transition well in the midst of it. As the young man goes through hardships in his life, it is what the mentor instructs, that will help him D.W.E.L.L. on the right things, rather than the wrong ones. Explore the journey of what life brings him, as you learn to deal with your next transition.

Denial < Discernment
Worry < Worth
Excuses < Expectation
Lazy < Laughter

Espionage – London

by John Day

By late 1943, Hitler desperately needed a secret weapon to win WW2. Engineer & master spy Karl Strom devised a simple device that would bring Britain to its knees over night.
This character driven story of intrigue and guile, love and revenge, tells of the suicide mission undertaken by 4 German spies. It will transport you back in time to the Channel Island of Alderney where they prepared and to the back streets of London, where they struggle to survive.
Timing is everything in war, and a cruel twist of fate changes history.
A super-intense John Day Thriller.
A super-intense John Day Thriller.

The family Next Door

by John Stone

Thomas lives on Eden Street, in a peaceful town in California. When the new family moves in next door, Thomas notices strange events occurring. The previous neighbors are found murdered in an abandoned woodland area, residents in the street mysteriously disappear, and people in the town begin to be attacked at night, by people in Halloween masks. Can Thomas uncover the truth to put an end to the Choas, and just how is the mysterious family next door involved?

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