Free sports Kindle books for 30 Aug 18

Survival Skills: The Quick & Dirty Guide

by George McDug

Do you know what to do in a survival situation? Learn how to build a shelter, find freshwater, find a source of protein, signal for help and much more. The Quick & Dirty Survival Skills book might just save your life.

8 Rules Of The Poker Professional

by Viktor J

It is easy to get carried away. With over 10 years and having trained thousands of poker players around the globe, I am out with the finest poker book in August 2018 that will make great difference in your poker style and profits.

With PP Poker App dominating the poker market around the globe and with Chinese players donating huge amounts on the tables you are making a mistake by not reading the book and finding all about the biggest poker opportunity that has presented.

It is time to quit live poker rooms where cards are dealt so slowly that it is hard to make a living and jump on the PP Poker App bandwagon. With features like insurance and run it multiple times, and rake back you are never far behind, plus with Vitkor’s elite poker secrets you are one step ahead than the rest of the field.

Or Visit get trained for free and win big bucks too. What’s more start playing at the Asia Union club with over 1000 players and over 50 tables running at all times pay not more than 3 percent rake and be a winner already. Details inside the eBook.

Golden Quotes: from The Ayahuasca Teachings (Golden Quotes from The Ayahuasca Teachings Book 1)

by Niko Chiesa

When I was working on the edition of the manuscript of my book “The Ayahuasca Teachings” I realized that many paragraphs were real pieces of wisdom and clarity by themselves. I started to cut all this phrases every time I found one that specially resonated inside of me. I wanted to have them â??close’ an available to be readed at any time because they were deeply inspiring to me.
When the final edition of The Teachings of Ayahuasca was ready, there were more than a hundred phrases of the book copied aside.
In this book I share 27 â??Golden Quotes’ that I hope can be found inspiring and helpful in the hard but magical road of human awareness.

the complet comping gear guide for beginners: Camping For Beginners: Tools and Tips to Living in the Great Outdoors A Beginner’s Guide to Rock Climbing Hiking, and Backpacking: needed on an outdoor

by jones scott

Do you want to explore the great outdoors? Do you know where to go for the best possible experience?

When you download the complet comping gear guide for beginners, you’ll learn about your many camping options – whether you go to a public campground, a private campground, or even “off-the-grid”!

What should you take with you on your camping trip, and what should you leave at home?

Camping Tips: 21 Crucial Tips and Hacks to Turn Your Camping Trip into the Ultimate Outdoor Adventure will help you “gear up” by organizing your supplies and making a campsite plan. You’ll learn which clothing and shoes to take, how to stock your camp kitchen, and which personal items to bring along with you.

What about camping safety?

This essential book helps you understand the first aid skills you will need when you’re out in the woods. It includes an entire chapter on avoiding insect bites – and how to treat them, if necessary!

What if my family gets bored without their electronic gadgets and games?

Camping is time for fun! Camping Tips: 21 Crucial Tips and Hacks to Turn Your Camping Trip into the Ultimate Outdoor Adventure will teach you all about games, entertainment, and even art projects you can make on your camping trip!

This amazing book addresses a wide variety of camping techniques, issues, and trends:
Fun activities to engage in when you are camping.
Getting ready for the trip by taking the right supplies.
A list of items and tips to make your camping experience easier.
How to get your children ready for camping and get them excited about it before and during the trip.
Ways to stay clean, avoid negative aspects, and be closer to nature.
Delicious camping recipes.
And much more!
Don’t go without knowing what you’re doing! Get this handy-dandy guide fast and listen to it so you can make the most of your camping experience!

Natures Path To Truth

by Gil Gilmore

As we walk through nature seeing the workings and creative designs of us humans, animals, and plant worlds, nature reveals so much to us. When we take the time to observe and consider all that it reveals, truth is imparted to us. Quite frankly, this book shows you the true “purpose” of nature. Nature is the ultimate advertisement of all time! So what is it advertising? This book clearly lays it out to you

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