Free arts and entertainment Kindle books for 31 Aug 18

The Art of Practice: Twenty Zoo Animals to Paint in Oil or Acrylic (Animals: Zoo Animals Book 3)

by Jacqueline DeBusk

Use this book to inspire practice painting with oils or acrylics. Create near exact copies of the renderings in this book or paint from the pictures adding your own elements, colors, and style. Use the pictures to help you become more proficient at oil or acrylic painting, or use the book’s pictures to help you add paintings to your portfolio. This book is part of The Practice of Art series titled Animals: Zoo Animals. The series offers pictures for practicing both sketching and painting.

Dead To Rights (Red Rises Book 2)

by Marty Brockschmidt

Surviving the Atlanta gang, The Inferno, Red travels with her group into Tennessee. Finding a lead on the amusement park, Great Smoky Playland, the group chooses to make it their refuge from the dead. As Red and the group work to make the park a defendable home, they are joined by Tennessee mountain man, Turk.

Turk had come to the park after rescuing a handful of orphaned teens, captured by a religious cult the True Belieivers. At the core of the True Believer faith is the risen dead, they call the fallen, are a curse from God. The matriarch of the True Believer’s, Mother Rachel, promises salvation and protection, for those that follow her and turn their children over to her teaching.

Red, Turk and the rest of the group find themselves like pawns on a chessboard, in a power struggle between the True Believer preacher, Josiah and Mother Rachel. As Josiah lays siege around Great Smoky Playland, Mother Rachel puts into motion her own plans.

Which will be caught dead to rights will be revealed as the truth comes out. Red discovers truth comes at a price, that needs to be paid in blood.

Costa Brava: Begur [Platja Fonda] (50 images)


The (photographic) visit to the beautiful coast of Begur is an incommensurable prize for the senses and an unparalleled gift for the spirit.
Album of 50 pictures.
[Catalonia, Spain, Europe]

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