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48 LAWS OF DOUBLE POWER: More Than 90 Secrets For Life


From more than 200 hours in study on the life of the extraordinary individuals on earth, this book gives you some unknown secrets about the famous. And just as you take your bath every day for regular cleansing, so also the importance of this book which enables you to live an everyday life that can surmount the storms every human experiences.

The Misadventures Of Jan And Travis: Trial By Fire

by Travis Salisbury

This is a brief summary of what you get in The Misadventures Of Jan And Travis:
01-A rich, detailed, and expanded 50-page chronicle of the memories and events the editor, Travis L Salisbury (1980-????) endured in the final summer of 2014, preceding the illness and death of the original author, Janet C Smyth (1950-2014).
02-The editor’s personal direct aftermath of the illness and death of the original author, Janet C Smyth (1950-2014).
03-A collection of political essays and letters penned by the editor, Travis L Salisbury (1980-????), in the wake of the illness and death of the original author, Janet C Smyth (1950-2014), in regards to the sagging and lagging quality of healthcare in America.
04-Several pages of editor generated poetry summing up the editor’s personal experiences with economic loss, the personal grief of fallen loved ones, and extended periods of hardship.
05-A three and a half year summary and a highlight reel of my very busy and active, Facebook timeline arc, which is comprised of a mix of black and white photographs, captions, and mini-essays pertaining to the subjects at hand.
06-Two sections of black and white photographs, captions, and text primarily built around my decidedly tasteless self-parodius, and family history, from both sides.
Note: The Misadventures Of Jan And Travis is just that, non-fiction. It is a collection of author memoirs and a dual biography of the authors of Counterstrike: Heaven Sent, one of which, my mother, is now DEAD. For those who didn’t know. I sure hope you won’t have a problem with that. Good, Carry On. If you self-identify as a literary purist, or simply don’t like non-fiction, don’t buy The Misadventures Of Jan And Travis, it really is that simple.

Vladimir Lenin: A Life From Beginning to End

by Hourly History

Vladimir Lenin

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The political theories of Lenin have long outlived him, and have even gone on to outlive the Marxist state he help to found; the Soviet Union. The name Lenin still reverberates around the world, and yet “Lenin” is not even his real name.
He was born Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov, the name Lenin was just the word he used to attach to his ideology, Lenin was just the brand that he developed as he attempted to make good on his promise to export Leninism all over the world.

Inside you will read about…

â?? The Birth of Revolution
â?? Lenin’s Honeymoon in Exile
â?? Lenin’s Blank Check
â?? Dealing with Monarchist Filth
â?? Saving Face
â?? Voice of a Nation
â?? Russia Holds its Breath
And much more!

The man that came to be known as Vladimir Lenin almost single-handedly sparked communist revolution in Russia and he very nearly brought his brand of Marxism to the rest of the world. What drove him to do this? Where did he derive such an immense desire for societal change?
This book serves to examine the landscape that brought such a pivotal figure to such prominence, examining all of the catalysts, from personal, to national, that led the man known simply as “Lenin” down his inexorable path of revolution.

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