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Learn Java: A Crash Course Guide to Learn Java in 1 Week

by Timothy C. Needham

Are you ready to program with Java in less than 1 week?

This book is the ultimate beginners’ crash course to Java programming, as it will help you learn enough about the language in as little as 1 week!

For one, Java is arguably the most acclaimed skill and is in demand nearly everywhere. IBM, Infosys, Twitter, Netflix, Google, Spotify, Uber, Amazon, Target, Yelp, Square, and other big players are always in need of a great Java programmer. Going by (the website that offers information about salary), an average Java developer earns about $70,000 annually. As a pro in the field, you have the entire globe to work over, as the demand is never restricted to a particular geographical area.

This book is the ultimate guide specially designed to help you move from a person largely unacquainted with programming to a person who can actually teach the subject and complete good programming projects.
Here’s the cool part: you get to learn the whole thing in ONE WEEK! It is updated to the latest versions (8 and 10) and the main topics of what the book will be about include:
-User input
-Object Oriented Programming which includes:
– Inheritance
– Encapsulation
– Polymorphism
– Compositions
And much, much more! Let’s begin our learning.

Grab your copy today

Kindle Fire HD 8 & 10 Instructions: The Complete User Guide with Step by Step Instructions, Learn to Master Your Kindle Fire HD 8 & 10 Tablet in 1 Hour (Two Book Bundle)

by Mark Howard

The Kindle Fire HD 8 & 10 Tablet is an incredible tablet that can be used for anything from consuming content to entertainment, and even personal management. When used properly, there are many incredible features and services you can access with this device.

This guide was designed to support you in understanding how to properly use your device to refrain from experiencing any of the common issues that some users may experience. It also features a lengthy troubleshooting section to support you in troubleshooting any problems you may be having.

Given the nature of technology, issues are to be expected. Sometimes, they are as simple as a glitch. Other times, they may require a little more resolution than a simple reboot to solve the problem. With this complete Fire HD 8 & 10 Tablet guide, you will learn everything you need to in order to use your device properly and bypass any issues you may be facing.

This simple, direct guide is an excellent resource for any Fire HD 8 & 10 Tablet user to have access to. Download your copy and keep it handy so you can refer back to it any time you need support in troubleshooting your device. Grab your copy today so that you can have a seamless experience with your device, no matter what your troubles may be.

Business Success with YouTube and Pinterest Marketing: Customer Success and earn money online with Social Media Marketing 2018

by Jeff Dondero

–> Special introduction price: 99 cents instead of 3.99


If you want to earn money with social media marketing, you need to focus on either YouTube or Pinterest. Forget the other social media. Why? Read the first pages of this book.


Learn how to use YouTube or Pinterest to reach your target audience organically (for free), attract more customers, and present your business out to a large audience quickly.


Do you want more followers, more views and more people to buy your products? Do you enjoy working with beautiful pictures (Pinterest) or videos (YouTube)? Then you should read this book carefully and follow the tips. Already after the first implementations, you will notice a difference and, for example, rank higher in Google and have more followers for your profile.


The book is divided into two parts. The first part deals with YouTube Marketing and the second with Pinterest Marketing.


In this book you will find:

    â?? Tips on optimizing your profile / channel to help more new customers find you and stay with you.

    â?? Clear SEO instructions for both Pinterest and YouTube

    â?? How to rank #1 on Google

    â??Tips on how to create viral pins on Pinterest

    â??The secure process of how our followers have more than tripled in a matter of weeks (as well as for other companies whose social media marketing we are responsible for)

    â??and much more



Do not miss this chance and jump on the train before the rest jumps on it as well. Become a YouTube and Pinterest pro.


E-Book Categories:

– social media marketing 2018

– Pinterest marketing

– YouTube marketing

– earn money online

– get clients

– marketing plan

– Pinterest for business


–> Grab «Business Success with YouTube and Pinterest Marketing» now.

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