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by QyeshA L. Smith


Gone from having everything to having nothing in the blink of an eye is the world that Robin Winters was thrown into. Born with a silver spoon in her mouth in a wealthy family without a care in the world, Robin, a once rich-girl from Florida, has lost everything when her father, is arrested for embezzlement. Now having to slowly adjust to a downgraded life, in a new city, Robin, must learn what it means to survive with the fittest.

Joni is Robin’s new neighbor. Not your typical “hood” girl, but the typical scammer that dabbles in everything from boosting to hustling. Joni takes a liking to Robin and plans to get her away from her “bougie” persona into something more “hood” certified.” The lifestyle that Joni is leading will land her in much more trouble than jail, especially when a stripper introduces Joni into blackmailing businessmen. Now deciding it is time for Robin to be down with this life of chaos, Joni convinces Robin to prove herself continuously. Her motto is “it’s either you’re with me or against me.” Joni’s plan is to take over the hood like her older brothers had failed to do.

Ron has struggled his whole life. Being on his own since 15, he’s always wanted a life in which he would never have to want for anything. Growing up with a mother who abandoned him and a father who committed suicide, Ron had to grow up fast in this cold world alone. Now as a man, he has his eyes set on two things, getting money and the new girl Robin. He plans on telling his best friend Joni that he is leaving the game plus taking Robin with him. But when two events occur in his life, everything changes and he begins to reevaluate the route his life is taking.

Sometimes you have to be thrown into situations to know what it’s like. In the wild, you either sink or you swim. Follow the lives of Robin, Joni, and Ron as they try to figure out how to make it out or will it suck them all in.

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