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Yesterday’s Papers

by Ben Walsh

Yesterday’s Papers Synopsis
Joe Ross is a jaded music journalist for a slowly dying national newspaper. He has a raft of failed relationships, drinks heavily and often falls asleep in the work toilets. He’s a mess and haphazardly believes that a press trip to India to investigate his beloved grandmother’s ancestry might give him some serenity.

Elizabeth, Joe’s grandmother, is a widow who has hidden her Anglo-Indian roots, encouraged by her bullying late husband Cecil, her entire adult life. She has been taught to be ashamed of her ancestry and of the fact that her Welsh father, a former World War One veteran and a tea planter in Assam, shipped her off to be educated, from ages 3-17, at a Himalayan hill station school in Kalimpong. Far away from her father’s judgmental friends and away from her troubled Indian mother, Devoki.

Elizabeth’s one succour growing up was her younger brother Seymour, but she feels let down when her treasured sibling falls in love with Chitra, an Indian servant at her father’s plantation. The young lovers’ affair is very short-lived and Dekovi cruelly expels Chitra from the plantation when she discovers her pregnant.

Seymour joins the Merchant Navy, never learning of the pregnancy, and dies, aged 24, from a terrorist attack near Port Said. Joe persuades Elizabeth to confront her past and the mercurial octogenarian meets a like-minded man, Robert, who once attended her school at a reunion dinner. This gentle soul brings out the best in Elizabeth and re-energises her interest in her own history.

Joe, after a number of chaotic episodes in London, engineers his way to India to cover a music festival in the Himalayas. After a disturbing time in Delhi, where he drops acid, witnesses a death and think he’s fallen in love (with a hotel receptionist), Joe befriends two Americans and deeply irritates one of his fellow music journalists, before visiting Elizabeth’s hilltop school and unearthing a letter that points to the whereabouts of Seymour’s one great love.

Joe returns to Delhi, where he fortuitously lands his ideal job (as a cricket correspondent), encounters three surprise guests (including his grandmother and Martha, a colleague whose taken a shine to Joe) and meets a dying Chitra who, in a state of confusion, believes Joe to be Seymour and tells him that she loves him one last time. Elizabeth too visits Chitra, apologising to her and holding her hand as she passes away.

Der Trinker: – (German Edition)

by Hans Fallada

Der Trinker gilt, neben dem nachfolgend geschriebenen Der Alpdruck, als Falladas persönlichstes Werk. Der Autor war nach einem mutmaÃ?lichen Totschlagversuch an seiner ehemaligen Frau als nicht zurechnungsfähig für dreieinhalb Monate inhaftiert worden. In der Haft verfasste er heimlich das sogenannte “Trinkermanuskript”, eine intensive Auseinandersetzung …


by J.R. Wright

No doubt the California Gold Rush brought more people west than for any other reason. Annabelle Moon is a sliver of what came after the rush was over. Enter Joseph Kinkaid, the less than successful prospector in constant search of the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Enter Annabelle Moon, the lost girl in a vast wilderness who became the rainbow Kinkaid followed.

Historical Locations visited in this novel: Bitterroot Mountains, Sacramento, San Francisco, Promontory Point, Hangtown, Carson Pass, Carson City, New York City, Chicago, Omaha, Oregon Trail, California Trail, Snake River.

Dragons of Westeros: The Beasts of Game of Thrones

by Pierre Rocher

Dragons of Westeros provides a compelling account of birth and mysteries of dragons in Game of Thrones. This book explores how the dragons came to existence, what caused them to fade away and what will their revival bring to Westeros. A perfect gift for Game of Thrones fans.

Trail Of Hearts Boxset: Oregon Trail Romance books 1-3

by Rachel Wesson

Three books in one, based on true diaries from Oregon Trail pioneers
Oregon Bound
1852 Illinois, Eva Thompson has her future mapped out. Marriage to David Clarke and a family is all she wants.
Her Pa has other ideas. He insists on taking the Oregon Trail to a better life and favors Harold Chapman as Eva’s suitor.
Marriage to Harold will provide Eva with everything she needs except …. love.
Can David overcome the prejudices of the past, the challenges of the present to give Eva the future she desires?

Oregon Dreams

Johanna Thompson understands her father’s wish to go to Oregon.
Can she use the time together to convince him to let her follow her dream?
Rick Hughes inherits two small children, a wagon and a dream to go to Oregon.
But it’s not his dream.
Johanna and Rick need to work together to save their families from disaster but doing so could comprise both their dreams. Can they find a way to overcome the difficulties on the trail and find a new life together?

Oregon Destiny

Becky Thomspon doesn’t take no for an answer. She knows what she wants and his name is Scott Jones. Scott Jones’s future was stolen along with his heart. He cannot love Becky, but can he keep her safe?
After months of illness, deprivation and betrayal, with the end in sight have their problems only started?

Death of Innocence

by Richard Greene

Professionally edited and corrected 3-2-2017. People of the south in 1860, would soon find themselves in the midst of a terrible civil war, whose architect, President Abraham Lincoln, would become known as the â??Widow Maker’. Never again would life in the south be as it was before the great civil war.
Joseph Greene (my great grandfather on my father’s side) came to Florence, Alabama as a young boy in search of a better life than the one he had known while working his father’s farm in southern Tennessee. His dreams of being a pilot of riverboats took him to the Tennessee River where he met, and fell in love with my great grandmother, Mary W. McAlexander.
The McAlexander family consisted of brothers Edward, Alexander, and their sister Mary (my great grandmother on my father’s side). The McAlexander family was of some importance, living their innocent dream in northern Alabama, in a place called Florence, in the county of Lauderdale, located on the Tennessee River. Unknowingly, their lives were about to be caught up in a great struggle.
William Chrisman (my great, great, grandfather on my father’s side) lived in Kentucky where he met and married Elizabeth Louisa Blackstone, a young Indian girl against his family’s wishes in 1837. Rather than accept William’s wife, his family gave him money and two young Negro slaves suggesting he take his bride and leave the county for the west. William and his young bride eventually settled on a farm near New Site, in Tallapoosa County, Alabama. There, they cut a life out of the wilderness and raised a family never knowing that a great war would all but destroy their family.
Andrew Jackson Patterson (my great, great, grandfather on my mother’s side) was 43 years old, and a widower living on a farm in Anderson County, South Carolina at the start of the civil war. He was busy raising four children as best he could while secretly in love with a neighbor’s daughter, who was twenty-five years younger. Even he would not be able to resist the fever of the southern cause that tugged at him to defend his way of life. His decision to leave his farm and young children to join the southern cause would take him to places of such violence he never dreamed possible.
While most of the families were not acquainted with one another, each was linked to the other by an invisible chain of events that would one day travel the roads of fate coming together in another time and another place a thousand miles away creating my family line.
Where does one start when telling the story of his own family? Out of so many people, how does one choose the correct place in time, or with the correct person to begin such a story? After much struggling with this I finally realized that all true stories end in death, and quite often, the end is the best place to start. I hope you enjoy reading this fictional story based on fact of my family, places and events.

All Roads Lead Home: Getting There

by L. L. Ward

Getting lost is easy. Finding your way home’s the tricky part.

Burned out Jesse McKlintock has nowhere left to go except right back to the place he cut loose from ten years ago in a blind rage. In those ten years, he stayed blind drunk. Now he hates himself as passionately as those who betrayed him. He is an old thirty-six needing to winter somewhere. And the chip on his shoulder from years of being hated for his skin is getting mighty heavy.

Getting There reveals Jesse’s rich Scot-Wichita heritage while trekking up north to winter in Wyoming, simultaneously traveling back in time to his roots, carried by his Native American grandmother’s tales spanning over eighty years across pre-Indian Territory linking his past, present, and future generations.

Time may not heal all wounds, Jesse will learn. It will, however, do its part when we at least show up for ours.

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