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The Virginia Southern Point Collection Volumes I & II: Men Among Sirens & The Stray

by Jennifer Olmstead

Make your escape with two life-changing journeys of love, loss, and discovery in Jennifer Olmstead’s premiere Virginia Southern Point Collection Boxed Set, featuring contemporary stories as unique as their setting in the beautiful southernmost region of Virginia, where the pastoral farms of Back Bay meet the beaches of the Atlantic Ocean. Men Among Sirens and The Stray are Volumes & II in the collection.

Volume I: Men Among Sirens. Be careful how hard you shake the family tree. Ruby Bohan’s upcoming marriage to her childhood sweetheart has all the makings of a fairytale, but a fated discovery just days before the wedding threatens to leave no one in her family unscathed–including her doting adoptive uncle. Ruby’s mother, Ainsley, has only hours to tell Ruby the real story of their lives, beginning 24 years earlier with her own troubled marriage and a chance encounter destined to follow her for the rest of her life. Once Ainsley’s painful revelation is complete, Ruby must decide if she can go through with her wedding, forgive her mother, and preserve her disabled father’s life-altering belief that their family tree really is as it seems. The power and burden of knowledge has passed from mother to daughter, and now her family’s future rests in Ruby’s youthful hands. Will she use what she’s learned to hold her family together, or tear it apart?

Volume II: The Stray. Can a near-fatal cycling accident save Dare Jordan from himself?
One November morning in rural Southern Point, Virginia, an out-of-control van slams into Dare Jordan’s custom road bike. The crushing impact lands the OCD accountant at the foot of a ditchâ??and at the feet of six-year-old Hoagy Butler and his Bassett hound, Lila. The boy’s quick thinking spells the difference between life and death for Dare, and doctors promise a swift recovery from his injuries. But Dare’s planned return to self-imposed isolation and meticulous ritual takes a detour the day he delivers a quick word of thanks to Hoagy and his ailing grandmother, Rose. Dare’s visit to the Butlers’ crumbling trailer sends him crashing into their world of gut-wrenching poverty and deprivationâ??and dead center of Hoagy’s beautiful and fiercely protective social worker, Katrina Masterson. The daughter of a migrant farm worker, Katrina knows firsthand that the fight for a small piece of the American dream can call for an outright brawl, and she’s not about to let anything threaten Hoagy’s odds for success. The Butlers and Katrina don’t want Dare’s money; they want his time. And giving them what they want will send Dare head-on into the pain and heartache he’s spent decades denying. What he initially wrote off as a random mishap now seems like destiny, changing his life, and that of the young boy who rescued him, forever. Please visit Facebook: Author Jennifer Olmstead

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