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Philosophy New: Untold stories of Existence and Nonexistence True False

by Lakshan Bandara

This Book goes deep into topics you are curious about. Like infinity, nonexistence, origins of creation, imaginary numbers, etc. I take different approaches from mainstream thinking. You can call it philosophy.

Communication of my ideas is simple and straight forward. Anyone interested can understand them. After reading a chapter, I encourage you to think further.

Let me humbly make an honest statementâ?¦
“This book contains new knowledge – untold stories so far”

You are welcome to discuss openly.

Lakshan Bandara


The main Stories
The genesis (beginning)
Philosophy of Infinity
Dependent origination
Beginning of Universe
Creation and purpose
The Creator God Concept
Believe in God
Mathematical Infinity
Infinity of Infinities
Philosophy of Zero
Nonexistent objects
Existent objects
Philosophy of Love
Philosophy of Imaginary Numbers

Please note:

You find less philosophical material in regard to nonexistence. This book is a needle in that less haystack.

I use a unique methodical approach to discuss nonexistence. This book refers to both separate whole of duality and non-separate whole without limits as nonexistence.

I do not reject existence. Instead I discuss philosophies of matematical infinity and love. My philosophical explanation of imaginary numbers is new history.

You will find my writing style of phrases, pictures and spaces as clear communication, opposed to paragraphs with complete sentences.

Focus on my ideas, different from the popular!

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