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Black Butterfly: The Journey – The Victory

by Lorna Jackie Wilson

Black Butterfly is a compilation of poetry that speaks to the silence of loss, the fight for families, and love for foster children. With consideration to the daily realities that foster children or youth may experience, Black Butterfly embodies real-life issues through faith-based reflections. This is a young girl’s journey, pre and post, foster care. This compilation is dedicated to the foster child, the youth in crisis, and individuals striving to achieve positive change. Black Butterfly proclaims wholeness to the fatherless, healing to the broken, and hope when faith and determination are all that remain! THIS IS THE JOURNEY – THE VICTORY!

Aventuras y desventuras de ODISEA: poesía (Boca/nada nº 1) (Spanish Edition)

by Carlos Rojas Samanez

Desde el arenal, veinte poemas sin grandes pretensiones.

A Familiar Haze: poems by Amna Ameer

by Amna Ameer

It is a collection of free verse poetry reflecting human emotions of love, loss, struggle, redemption and growth. It explores human thoughts, mental health and how we deal with life amidst the rising chaos.

Petitions for the Lost

by Jesse Perman

Poetry for the modern day reader. Much of the new generation lacks in depth and positivity, this collection of poetry focuses on maintaining the curiosity we once had as children. Although we get older, we always strive for some type of enjoyment. This is my personal petition to the world open to many voices, with the goal in mind to open minds and to grant comfort to modern day youth and alike. Inspired Poets include; Jim Morrison, Allen Ginsberg, and Arthur Rimbaud.

Out Loud: A collection of spoken word poetry

by Kay Whitley

I didn’t write this book.
I lived it.
I breathed it.
And more importantly, I said it all out loud.
This book is a collection of poems and prose, a memoir, and a diary of sorts about the growing complexities of life seen through the eyes of a young woman. Each piece brings consciousness to our shared experiences while celebrating our differences. It is meant to embrace and unite. This collection is not made to be read silently but said aloud. If there’s a poet in you, you will enjoy “Out Loud”.

Insomniacs, We

by J. Andrew Schrecker

Insomniacs compose grocery lists and manifestos, a phoenix lies charred in its own ashes, and shadows hide in corners, afraid of themselves. In this decade-spanning volume of poetry, J. Andrew Schrecker blends surrealism, observation, and personal confession to paint a portrait of heartache and longing in recession-torn America.

i Am (un)Broken

by N. Alexzander Smith

i Am (un)Broken is the first book of poems by author N. Alexzander Smith. Written in free style, each poem deal with relationships from remembering love, falling out of grace and self love.

Robert Countryman has written the foreword and stated:

Maybe that one person is able to then share their brokenness. Maybe that one person is able to go out and help one other person by the strength and courage you showed. Then it spreads like a virus. It makes the written word, spoken verse, painted image, photographed event, ethereal idea, and the indescribable action a systemic event. It makes a difference. It passes that spark from person to person until I wrap its arms around the world.

N. Alexzander Smith is the author of the Nobody’s Fool Series and currently working on the exciting last installment of that trilogy, due out Winter 2014.

You can reach him on the following social media sites:

Author N. Alexzander Smith (Facebook)
@Nalexzander on Twitter.

A Compilation Of Short Poems: Simple Poetry At It’s Finest

by Michael Richey

This compilation of short poems is everything that has been written so far by the author combined into one. It depicts A Gangsters Life Trilogy, Half Moon Bay, The Power Of Saying No and The Power Of Saying Yes and finally The Game Of Life. Hope you enjoy upon reading.

Swimming On The Moon At The Bottom Of The Lake: Poetic Origins

by Jared Peet

A Collection of abstract poems. A journey of spiritual discovery and endless contemplation.

Temptation’s Trust: A collection of love poetry

by Gary R. Hess

You fell in love once, maybe even twice. It was nice, maybe even perfect. You did everything together. You dreamed of spending your life with one another. Gary did, too. But did it all last?

Temptation’s Trust is a fabulous poetry collection of Gary R. Hess’s adventure to find true love and to never let her go. His writings are splattered with honesty, truth, and self-realization while he encounters a broken heart, romance, and a once in a lifetime partner.

This set of contemporary poetry is written in simple, easy to understand English, but it still includes a deep overall meaning that both teens and adults will find mesmerizing.

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