Free politics and current events Kindle books for 31 Aug 18

Help! I’m of Voting Age and I Want to Make Informed Decisions

by Steve Dustcircle

Politics affects what meals you eat in school, and what textbooks you have. They affect what your house costs, and they also affect the safety in your neighborhood. In some states, politics affects what your church does.

In this book, you will learn the basics of the political realm here in the United States, and will learn what some words mean that you might have heard thrown around on TV.

Aquinas Ethicus

by Thomas Aquinas

The Sovereign Pontiff, Leo XIII., in his Encyclical on Scholastic Philosophy, writes as follows: “Let the teachers whom you shall discreetly choose make it their aim to instil the doctrine of Thomas Aquinas into the minds of their scholars, and to set in a clear light his solidity and excellence above other authors. . . . But lest supposititious utterances be taken for true, or adulterate for genuine, see to it that the wisdom of Thomas be drunk in from his own streams.”

My Two Wolves: Menage Werewolf Biker Romance

by Van Cole

The Best Way To Get Over A Man Is To Get Two Men

When Sarah-Jane leaves a broken heart and heads to a remote village, it gets off to a rocky start.

Trapped in the snow, things look bleak for the young attorney.

So bad, she even calls her unfaithful ex-boyfriend for help!

â?¦But after she meets Leo and Jackson, that will never happen again!

The three spark up a friendship – a relationship which runs three ways and swings two.

With secrets burning, they share a love so hot it threatens to start fires.

But they have a rather more frosty relationship with the law.

What is it about this pair of bikers that has people so scared?

Gradually, Sarah-Jane learns the truth. There is more to Leo and Jackson than meets the eye.

Like that when provoked they don’t always stay legal. Or human!

How will she react when she learns their secret and can they protect themselves from the threats they face?

Radical Property

by Evan Larson

Radical solutions for radical times.

Urban Food Systems Governance and Poverty in African Cities – (Open Access) (Routledge Studies in Food, Society and the Environment)

As Africa urbanises and the focus of poverty shifts to urban centres, there is an imperative to address poverty in African cities. This is particularly the case in smaller cities, which are often the most rapidly urbanising, but the least able to cope with this growth. This book argues that an examination of the food system and food security provides a valuable lens to interrogate urban poverty. Chapters examine the linkages between poverty, urban food systems and local governance with a focus on case studies from three smaller or secondary cities in Africa: Kisumu (Kenya), Kitwe (Zambia) and Epworth (Zimbabwe).

The book makes a wider contribution to debates on urban studies and urban governance in Africa through analysis of the causes and consequences of the paucity of urban-scale data for decision makers, and by presenting potential methodological innovations to address this paucity. As the global development agenda is increasingly focusing on urban issues, most notably the urban goal of the new Sustainable Development Goals and the New Urban Agenda, the work is timely.

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