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islamic prophet story for kids: Stories of the prophets of Islam educational before bedtime

by Malika Adam

Animals : Assalamu Alaikum.
Yusuf : Walaikum Assalam. How are you children ?
Animals : Alhamdulillah, we are fine. We like to hear prophet stories from you. Yusuf : Ok, Mashallah. That’s very good. The stories of the prophet are important for All Muslims. Insallah, today we will learn about the story Of Prophet Adam (puh). Are you ready for that ?
Animals : Yessssss.
Yusuf : Ok, let start. Bismillah.
Long long ago, Allah (T) created the universe,
the sun, the moon, and the earth. Then Allah (T) decided to create Human. So he sent the angels to collect clay from
this earth. The angels came to this earth and collected
clay from different places. Then Allah (T) made a shape of a man and called
him Adam (puh). Allah (T) kept this figure for 40 years. The angels and the Iblish were wondering,
what was that? They were scared but Iblish felt scared the most. One day Allah (T) breath his spirit into Adam (puh). When spirit reached his head Adam (puh) sneezed. When the spirit reached his eyes, he looked at the fruits in Paradise. When it reached his stomach he felt hungry and he wanted to eat the fruits.
He jumped in a hurry before the spirit could reach his legs, so Adam (puh) fell, and Allah said that man is impatient. Allah (T) then ordered all the angels and
Iblish to prostrate to Adam (puh) but this was to show respect to him not worship him. All of the angels were prostrating before Adam except Iblish, he thought he was better than Adam because he created from fire and Adam (puh) was created from clay. He even argue with Allah (T). From that moment Iblish became the Shaytan, the evil. Allah had cursed Iblish until the Day of Judgement. Shaytan understood his future that Allah will throw him in the Hell fire. So he requested a special power from Allah (T) so he could mislead the humans and take them to the hell fire with him. Allah (T) accepted his last request and gave him the special power. Allah (T) warned us if someone follow Shaytan,
he will throw them in the Hell fire with Iblish. Allah even gave us the Quran to teach us how to stay safe from Shaytan.
Animal: Why did Iblish want to mislead the human?
Yusuf: Hmm…, let’s see, does anyone know? Who can tell me?
Animal: I can tell. Because of a human he became Shaytan, the
evil. That made him very mad. So he wanted to harm the human and take them
to the hell fire with him.
Yusuf: Masallah. That’s right. He is the greatest enemy to all of us. Shaytan is the symbol of evil, the angels
are the symbol of good and humans, in this case Adam is the symbol of knowledge. Adam was really smart because Allah had taught
him all the names of everything. Animal: How was Eve, the mother of mankind
Yusuf: Well as the years went by Adam (puh)
was alone in paradise and he felt really lonely. One day he slept for some time and when he woke up, he saw a woman whom Allah (T) created from his shortest left rib. Adam(puh) asked her,
(Adam): “Who are you?” (Eve): “A woman”
(Adam): “Why have you been created?” (Eve): “So that you could find peace in me.” The angels were trying to find out the knowledge
of Adam(puh), and so they asked him: (Angel): ” O Adam, What is her name?” (Adam): “Eve”. (Angel): “Why is her name Eve?” (Adam): ” Because she was created from something living.”

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