Free religion and spirituality Kindle books for 31 Aug 18

Using the Power of the Mind to Minimize Pain: Strategies that Work

by Daniel White

Our increasing reliance on pain medication is often accompanied by unwanted side effects. These side effects are oftentimes as bad or worse than the symptoms that you are trying to abolish. This book explores the power of the mind and it’s ability to be utilized to effectively mitigate pain. While the methods outlined in this book will most likely not leave you completely pain free, they will with practice, almost certainly reduce your reliance on pain medication .

The Gift of the Magi (Best Navigation, Active TOC)(Feathers Classics) (French Edition)

by O. Henry

This book contains now several HTML tables of contents that will make reading a real pleasure!

Jim Dillingham Young and his wife Della are a young couple who are very much in love with each other, but can barely afford their one-room apartment opposite the elevated train due to their very bad economic condition. For Christmas, Della decides to buy Jim a chain which costs twenty dollars for his prized pocket watch given to him by his father. To raise the funds, she has her prized long hair cut off and sold to make a wig. Meanwhile, Jim decides to sell his watch to buy Della a beautiful set of combs made out of tortoise shell for her lovely, knee-length brown hair. Although each is disappointed to find the gift they chose rendered useless, each is pleased with the gift they received, because it represents their love for one another.

The true unselfish love that the characters, Jim and Della, share is greater than their possessions.

God Loves You The Way You Are: My Late-in-Life Discoveries About God’s Love

by Thomas J Mason

What Kind of Book Is This?

This is the kind of book that tells you
That God loves you.
That God made only one of you.
That God gave you life to have a life.
That it is up to you to take responsibility for your life.

This is the kind of book that tells you
That God loves you, and you are worthy of love.
That you are worthy to love and be loved.
That you can love yourself and care for yourself,
your body, your thoughts and ideas,
your creations and possessions.

This is the kind of book that tells you
That you can extend that love outward from yourself,
through all of God’s Creation, all the way to God,
and you can feel that love resonate through all Creation.

May your life be filled with love and joy.

Table of Contents

What Kind of Book Is This?1
The Restart of My Life3
The Near Death Experience5
God’s Love7
What Can You Do For God?9
Listening to God11
Connecting to God13
Some Spiritual Notes17
Created or Creator?21
Choose Life23
Be Positive About Life27
Advice for a Happy Life29
About The Author33

The Book of Esau: genesis 2.0

by William Clark

The Old Testament was written at a time when nature-based religions were prevalent. The original Hebrews had to make nature out to be evil in order to win converts. Esau was an inveterate nature lover. He was the arch-villain in Genesis, the first book of the Bible. His descendants, the Edomites, were the Hebrews’ worst enemy throughout history. The Book of Esau is a new take on Genesis, telling the story from Esau’s point of view. He was a man who respected and loved nature, something western civilization needs to learn. We must preserve and protect nature instead of hating and destroying it as taught by the original Hebrews and the entire Judeo-Christian tradition.

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