Free religious fiction Kindle books for 31 Aug 18

Leila: Mail Order Brides of Wichita Falls – Book #10

by Cyndi Raye

A Cooking Contest between Harley & Leila has the whole town of Wichita Falls in an Uproar!

Harley Meyers, co-owner of Jenna’s Cafe, decides to send away for a mail order bride. He thinks he’ll have it all, a partner to help him with their successful business and a woman to keep him happy. He doesn’t expect such a fiery, outspoken modern woman with ideas of her own!

Leila Wilson had enough of raising her siblings. When the opportunity to marry the co-owner of a cafe out west is brought to her attention, she jumps on the first train and heads west. With her spunk and attitude, and Harley’s calm and laid back demeanor, they seem suited for each other until she wants to work in Harley’s kitchen. At HIS cook stove!

Harley has an idea of a prim and proper wife who will work hard and follow orders.

Leila has no intention of following orders. Will she drive Harley into an early grave?

A Pink Web of Deception

by Janet Teitsort

Three families become tangled in a pink web of deceit…

The city of Claymore (fictitious) is nestled in southern Indiana, a college town with a population of 61,000 which something for everyone. There is the older part of town located on the Eastside, with its poor district and high crime area.

Then travel to Westside, and you’d never know the other part of town existed. Here, the wealthy put down their roots. Gorgeous homes, more like mansions, line the streets, many with gated communities. Then in the central district, the college flourishes, and the middle-class is exploding. It’s the ’60s, and the city is expanding.

In Claymore, Indiana, a girl of seventeen, Donellen Michaels, lives with her alcoholic father. One night her dad’s drinking buddy forces himself on her, and she becomes pregnant. Meanwhile, Larry Sturgis has kidnapped an infant girl for his barren wife, Gwen, who is suicidal. It was an impulsive decision when opportunity knocked. James and Amy Rafferty have two daughters, Cindy and Tammy. James is a prominent attorney in the town of Claymore. The story takes many twists and turns unraveling at times, then coming together for a victorious ending.

The Pink Web of Deception is merely a fictional tale set in the 1960s to 1980s. You might say it is the voice of many who have, or are searching for their physical DNA, the secret of who they are and from whence they came. It is ludicrous to say it’s not important, that hunger to know is ingrained in mankind. After all, the Bible lists several genealogies. Everyone wants to know their beginnings and it is their right. some are fortunate to find out their physical identities, and some are not. Hopefully, this novel will light a candle of hope as they come to realize the only identity that anyone needs is their identity in Christ, (Spiritual DNA – Draw Near Adonai)

Loose Ends (Lost Boys Book 4)

by Allie Cresswell

The final volume of Amazon # 1 best-selling author Allie Cresswell’s quartet ‘Lost Boys’. Jade has had a terrible day. If having her little nephew fall into a river in spate isn’t bad enough, she finds herself caught up in a violent street-riot.
Lost, traumatised, barefoot, caught between rapacious fans, opportunistic looters and the implacable ranks of riot-police, Jade takes refuge in a semi-derelict church where the kindness of strangers opens her up to the possibility that there is a higher hand at work than the malign, bad-luck demon she has always felt dogging her steps.
Jade’s sister Carmel falls prey to the malicious influence of local bad-lad Spencer, and although the two girls have been at each other’s throats all their lives, Jade takes the opportunity to step out in her new-found faith on Carmel’s behalf. Can she, in this new, softer incarnation of herself, and with the aid of whatever beneficent power she senses is out there, somewhere, weave something new from the frayed ends of their antagonistic sisterhood?
Meanwhile, Jennifer’s mother is dying, her psychotic brother is beyond redemption and her husband is AWOL. While Jade explores the wonder of new beginnings, Jennifer is tasked with bringing things to an end. The tidiness of closure seems so desirable until it comes, and she finds herself surprisingly anchored by the threads of her past.

This is the final part of the Lost Boys Quartet, which is available as a whole in e- and p- formats as well as in its constituent parts as e-books.

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