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Sustained Survival

Spaceships, aliens of different species, hyperspace travel, politics, intrigue, secrets and discoveries, action and suspenseâ?¦ If it’s Science Fiction, it’s in here. You name it, you get it. Story line? Yes, there is plenty of it. The first few pages are for free anyway, so why not just start reading and discover the book? Not yet curious? OK, here’s a little intro: Secret Service agent Frank Duke was sent to an alien planet to get an important person home safely. Unfortunately, things are going terribly wrong. What looked like a routine mission becomes a fierce struggle for survival. Enter the aliens, the spaceships, the devilish machinations, the hideous secrets, the cunning conspirators, the malicious complots, competing intelligence services,â?¦ galactic gangsters and political assassinsâ?¦ and moreâ?¦

Dracula Goes To Prison: The Cost Of Sending Dracula To Prison For 100 years

by Everetts Redd

How much would it cost to incarcerate Dracula . Drake A.K.A Dracula was sentence to a 100 years for murder in the state of Alabama . Nature of Dracula’s case: One late Saturday night Dracula decided to step out to get a late night snack. while driving around the city he noticed a very attractive lady coming out of a night club. He pulled over and introduced himself as Dracula ,The young lady smiled and responded my name is Lisa. It was not dracula’s intention to kill Lisa but unknowingly to him Lisa had recently used crystal meth, WOW.

Space Pirates: Dangerous Dimensions: Captain Aubert Gautier de Mucedent Montfiquet and the Long Story of Making Short Work of Others and their Spaceships and Fortresses

by Ingo Potsch

Space Pirates: Dangerous Dimensions continues with “Captain Aubert Gautier de Mucedent Montfiquet and the Long Story of Making Short Work of Others and their Spaceships and Fortresses”. Aubert Gautier de Mucedent Montfiquet took long till he was chosen captain by the company of pirates with whom he roamed around in the Milky Way. He belonged to those pirate commanders who managed to stay alive longest. Even though his career began slow, and then continued quite slow for an extended period of time, he became of of the most famous pirates of the galaxy, having taken more prizes and robbed greater treasures then the vast majority of other pirates. Coming from an origin which did not at all point him toward his future profession, several deliberate choices, many of them bad, let Captain Aubert Gautier de Mucedent Montfiquet to end up where he did, and in between guided him through a life of violence and rapacious assaults. At the same time, Aubert Gautier de Mucedent Montfiquet experienced an emotional development, based on his unique character, which led him forth and back over the red line separating right from wrong. At times showing signs of intense remorse, and then again acting with reckless brutality, the pendulum of his life swung between tender care for his friends and family, and occasionally even for strangers, and almost thoughtless aggression, when he used massive force to achieve his aims. In the later years of his career and especially toward the end of his life, Captain Aubert Gautier de Mucedent Montfiquet became one of the very few pirates who turned into territorial rulers. Dominating a realm of several inhabited planets, spread over a number of solar systems, this pirate commander established his and his companions’ sovereignty over tens of thousands of subjects. Being guided by his inner compass, Captain Aubert Gautier de Mucedent Montfiquet nevertheless came in conflict with opposing interests who viciously fought his attempts to extend and deepen his rule. Realizing that his life as an outlaw was opposing the model of the world which he had in his mind as appearing good to him, Captain Aubert Gautier de Mucedent Montfiquet used the ways and means of a pirate to establish a community with order and rules that contradicted the methods by which they were to be brought about. This pirate united diametrically opposed streaks of character in his actions, and he faced equal resistance among his contemporaries. Whether Captain Aubert Gautier de Mucedent Montfiquet was believing to do the right thing, or fought for his personal interest and the material gain of his companions, his frequent use of force was one characteristic feature of this feared pirate. Insofar, it may almost seem ironic that to learn how he died, though his demise from the world of the living incorporated elements of both extremes of his character: reckless violence and peaceful calm and composure.

Over on Sunset Hills (Infinity Wonders Book 0)

by B C Woodruff

John Praimmen grew up in a different world than our own, one that is breaking down and vanishing from the universe, corrupting his understanding of what is real and what is fantasy. This experimental novella is part of the ‘Infinity Wonders’ series.

El Lamento Ksäg’En: El Zar del Caos (Spanish Edition)

by Lâ?¦bâ?¦ Fantasma

Tras una larga y ardua batalla contra los Siete Supremos, La Zarina del Tormento venció la guerra y se proclamó dueña y señora absoluta de la Creación. Implantó el régimen del terror y el dolor en su nuevo imperio, pero cometió el error de olvidar la regla básica del Universo: siempre tiende a buscar el equilibrio, por lo que las fuerzas del oscuro vacío deberán enfrentarse de nuevo al bando de la luz.

La responsabilidad de representar al bando de la luz recae en los hombros de una nueva esperanza, Ã?rssus. ¿Podrá Ã?rssus, el misterioso mono de Belminönd, estar a la altura y detener a Kät’Os y sus huestes, o por el contrario sucumbirá al igual que su predecesor Ra’Ksël?

¡Comienza El Lamento Ksäg’En!, la leyenda de una raza maldita, condenada a caminar siempre en guerra.

The Thing of a Thousand Shapes

by Otis Adelbert Kline

UNCLE JIM was dead.
I could scarcely believe it, but the little yellow missive, which had just been handed to me by the Western Union messenger boy, left no room for doubt. It was short and convincing:
I should explain here that Uncle Jim, my mother’s brother, was my only living near relative. Having lost both father and mother in the Iroquois Theatre Fire at the ace of twelve years, I should have been forced to abandon my plans for a high school and commercial education but for his noble generosity. In his home town he was believed to be comfortably well off, but I had learned not long since that it had meant a considerable sacrifice for him to furnish the fifteen hundred dollars a year to put me through high school and business college, and I was glad when the time came for me to find employment, and thus become independent of his bounty.
My position as bookkeeper for a commission firm in South Water Street, while not particularly remunerative, at least provided a comfortable living, and I was happy in itâ??until the message of his death came…

Virtual Deathtrap

by Wolfgang Nava

This story is being presented in a somewhat unconventional form. It’s like an epistolary novel — one that’s presented as a series of letters sent by one character to another, from which you have to deduce the story arc — but, it’s done with police reports.

On December 18, 2100, a very peculiar event was held. This event started out as a groundbreaking moment in cultural history, and ended as a colossal crime — the crime of the century, you might say, although of course the 22nd Century had only just started.

The police reports that make up this story are the reports filed by law-enforcement officers investigating that crime. I believe you will be able to learn, between the lines, what really happened on that fateful few weeks so long ago — learn about the Crime of the Century in the words of those who survived it

Director Guy

by Edward Gauthier

So a voice jumps into your head. You figure out it’s an entirely other consciousness. You’re seventeen and finishing your junior year in high school. This freaks you out. You order the voice to scram. But it can’t. It doesn’t know its own name, doesn’t know its own past, doesn’t know how it got here in your head. You name the voice, Director Guy. You talk a bit too much about the voice to friends and EVERYONE wants to help. Control of the issue becomes the issue. In fact, control of your own head becomes the issue. Who is this Director Guy? How did this happen? How is Director Guy beginning to remember his past? How do you both experience the same dreams? What about that countdown clock and the dream’s compass? Director Guy is insisting on traveling west. Should you go? And, what happens if you don’t get this figured out before that countdown clock hits zero?

Game Breaker

by Cheree Alsop

After Tragedy Strikes He Finds Solace In A Virtual World

After a tragedy that cost him more than just his arm, Breccan struggled to adjust and find his place in his new life. To help him cope, his cousin introduces him to the Edge, a virtual reality world users plug into when their bodies are sleeping.

Ë?Ë?Ë? A Game That Could Jeopardize The Entire World

Breccan must endure intense avatar battles and mind-blowing levels in order to survive. Along the way he meets a girl who challenges him in unexpected ways. When the security in the Edge begins to kill off avatars, Breccan finds himself caught up in a virtual battle that will impact the entire world.

Ë?Ë?Ë? Game Breaker is a gripping technothriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat!

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Dust McAlan and the Heart of the Serpent

by CK Burch

1934: Treasure hunter Dust McAlan is the kind of rogue who finds himself knee-deep in trouble as often as he possibly can. Racing airplanes for a living — as well as scouring the world for ancient treasure to sell to private collectors — has a way of doing that. But after a meeting with a wealthy French aristocrat, Dust finds himself in search of a mythical jewel known as the Heart of the Serpent, a ruby with strange powers that could unlock the secrets of Atlantis. Old friends and new foes have separate ideas, however, as the same catastrophe that sunk Atlantis could rise in power once more. Adventure, pulp thrills, and terror collide as Dust races against time to locate the Heart of the Serpent. But the consequences could be more personal than he could even begin to imagine.

DUST MCALAN AND THE HEART OF THE SERPENT features black & white illustrations from artists Casey and Shon Burch, as well as a cover by Qistina Khalidah. Fans of Indiana Jones, Uncharted, and Crimson Skies will enjoy Dust McAlan’s thrilling pulp adventures.

The Moon Endureth

by John Buchan

The Moon Endureth, subtitled ‘Tales and Fancies’, is a 1912 short story and poetry collection by the Scottish author John Buchan. In its review of the first edition The Athenaeum noted “a marked leaning towards the mysterious and bizzare”. The collection was said to show “considerable imagination, and occasionally a touch of delicate satire”.

The Relic

by Francisco Angulo

“HAZEL EYES” used to spend many long hours

staring at me. I can’t quite understand what she saw in

me but she loved sitting across the field and look at me

intensely. I too loved watching her. She was rather small

– not even five feet tall – and this
“The Relic” is one of the most downloaded books in Spain

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