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Miserly Without Being Miserable: A Preppers Guide

by Kevin Layos

Learn how to avoid debt, get a place you can afford, be smart with your supplies and even improve your overall lifestyle.

Survival: Essential Survival Guide To Dissapear Without a Trace and Stay Alive in The Wild: (extreme survival book ) (Survival manual)

by Gregory Green


Essential Survival Guide To Disappear Without a Trace and Stay Alive in The Wild

Book 1

Survival Signs

Read the Signs and Predict Weather, Find Water and Make Your Way Through Deep Wilderness

The possibility of getting lost particularly in the wilderness is pretty high. You know anyone can get lost while on an adventure that’s why this book was made to help you know your way while surviving in the lonesome ambiance of the wilderness.
This was based on authentic statement of search and rescue professional and lifelong adventurers. It is full of save and practical advice on how to build simple to complex shelters and how to make a fire. It also involves on how you could read and make survival signs for help. Of course how to find consumable water and food is within this book also and learning how to navigate to get out of the wild was pretty elaborated. Tips and advices on how to keep your mind sound and firm is greatly adhered because keeping yourself intact is probably the most important factor in surviving in the wilderness.
Getting this book in your grasp is a certain potential that would help you survive when you get lost in the wilderness due to its simplicity and practicality while not sacrificing its genuine contents, tips and techniques on surviving.

Book 2

Survival Guide:

Where Can You Run When There’s No Place to Go

If you are suddenly all alone in the woods with no one to help you what will you do? Well, not in your wildest dreams you may have imagined of losing your home and the people around you but what if the situation actually happens?
What if you are left behind during an adventurous trip? What if you had forgotten the route? What will you do? Where will you go? How will you protect yourself? How will you feed yourself? How will you find your way back home?
Of course, being all alone in the woods can be really terrifying. But if you read this book you will realize that things are less terrifying and face such a situation is far easier to cope with!
Surviving a day or two without water or food is itself a huge challenge, so how will you handle it if you get lost in the woods? Don’t worry. As long as you have this book you can manage yourself.
In the modern society, people are not much into outdoor life so it is pretty obvious if you are one of those couch potatoes you will find it really difficult to think straight – let alone surviving in a thick forest.
If you do not want to be helpless like that then the easiest way is to read this survival guide which consists of many important topics on the subject.

Walking the Newfoundland Tâ??Railway: Exploring Newfoundland on foot

by Boukeline Arnold

In June and July 2018 Boukeline Arnold and Rob Koops walked the T’Railway, the first (or last) part of The Great Trail (or Trans Canada Trail). The T’Railway consists of 873 km (542 miles) dismantled railway stretching from St John’s to Channel – Port aux Basques. In this book you’ll find the travel notes from the 42 days it took them to complete the trail. A must read for everyone wanting to tackle this trail!

Survival Gear: 10 DIY Preps That Will Cost You a Dime: (Survival Skills, Survival Guide, Prepping)

by Max Rivera

Survival Gear: 10 DIY Preps That Will Cost You a Dime

This book is very useful for those people who want to start preparation for survival within their tight budget. People often think that they need a lot of money that will help them in survival. But it’s not true instead you can prepare yourself for the survival that won’t cost you a dime. This book will guide you how to prepare yourself for the survival at the times when your pocket is empty. There are a lot of other survival books that focuses just on the survival skills but this book is somewhat different as in this book you will also learn 10 preps that cost less and help in rough and tough survival conditions. The 10 preps and survival skills mentioned in this book are complete guide for men’s survival. Men can learn these 10 super easy and less costly preps that will ultimately help them in the tough survival situations. The main topics covered in this Men’s Survival Guide are:

  • Men’s survival
  • Importance of men’s survival
  • 10 inexpensive preps for men’s survival
  • Some skills for men’s survival
  • And much more

Survival Skills: 50 Ways To Purify Water In The Wilderness And Start A Fire Without Matches

by Gibson Emmet

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Survival Skills: 50 Ways To Purify Water In The Wilderness And Start A Fire Without Matches

Book #1: SHTF Preparedness Guide.25 Proven Methods For Starting Fires Without Matches

Fire is one of the most essential tools that humans have, but what do we do when we find ourselves in a situation where we don’t have matches or a lighter? This book details numerous ways to start a fire without the use of matches and various other fire-building skills that can be crucial if you’re caught out in the wilderness. Whether you’re working on survival skills, or simply wanting to ensure that your next camping trip won’t be cold and dark, this book holds simple techniques that will help you stay nice and cozy warm.

The 25 methods can be dangerous and most should only be used in an absolute survival situation, however preparing yourself with knowledge is one of the best preparations that you can make.

It has been fun and interesting to research and write this book for you, and I hope that you’ve found it helpful. May your nights in nature be warm and safe.

The SHTF Preparedness. How to Purify Water. 25 Proven Methods for Water Filtration and Purification To Survive A Disaster

When the stuff hits the fan it is not going to be a pleasant experience. Have you ever wondered how you could purify water without power and without a clean water source to begin with? Well, look no further than this book.

In this book, you will find twenty-five different ways to purify water that include using common tools and equipment, chemicals, and filtration. Most of the different ways to filter and purify water use items that you can find around your home, and some of the methods are store bought tablets and tinctures specifically made for water purification that you can keep on hand.

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