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Flying The Hump: A Novella

by Art Klimack

Since his boyhood in the 1930′ living on his family’s farm, Duane Hess dreamed of becoming a pilot. He longed to reach towards the horizon’s and sought the adventure he was sure becoming one, would provide.

Sometimes dreams coming true turns out to be more than we bargained for.


by Mario Álvarez Ossorio

A principios de nuestra era un joven hispano encabeza una rebelión contra la ocupación romana en el sur de la peninsula ibérica. Las circunstancias, su estirpe real y una misteriosa sacerdotisa le conducen en una aventura llena de visicitudes y batallas desde su nacimiento como esclavo de una guarnición romana de la ciudad de Baelo Claudia hasta el definitivo enfrentamiento con las tropas romanas enviadas para perseguirle. La dividida opinión de la población nativa, muy romanizada, con respecto al apoyo a la rebelión será determinante en el desenlace de esta fascinante historia.

Mission of Mercy

by John Robb

A foreign legion thrillerâ?¦

A revolution breaks out in the independent Arab republic of Hanah. The French Legation is in danger. Within it, seeking protection from the mobs, are European civilians.

A tiny Foreign Legion detachment is sent into the country, ordered to protect European lives and property but to avoid any conflict with the Arabs.

But that detachment is in no condition to undertake a task that calls for restraint as well as courage. It is under the command of Captain Laubert, a cunning but demented officerâ?¦ a man who has been threatened with arrest by his junior officer.

These, and many others, find themselves embarked upon a mission that leads them on into a land seething with revolt and hatredâ??and sudden death…

John Robb (1917-1993) was born Norman Robson in Northumberland, England. Aged nineteen, he became a journalist, working on the Daily Mirror, Daily Telegraph, Daily Mail and Daily Express. After war service in the army and as a correspondent, Robb joined The Star in Sheffield. Writing as John Robb, he became a prominent novelist. His first two novels in 1951 were Space Beam and No Time For Corpses. He went on to write the successful Legion novels, based as they were on his own experiences.

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