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Business Life of an Icon: Mark Zuckerberg: From Creating a Social Website in a Dorm Room to Becoming an Icon of the New Millennium

by Jayna Marbles

Like him or not, Mark Zuckerberg is an icon of our time.
Regardless of the questionable practices of Facebook, Zuckerberg’s business sense is a force to be reckoned with.
Read now to learn about the business life of Mark Zuckerberg.

Growing up with ‘filthy lucre’: 1946â??68: Prequel to Life, Art and Freddie Mercury 1968â??70


In post WW2 London until the late sixties this illustrated diary explores a young life oscillating between Upper-class mores and Underworld bohemia. However,the power of Leftist ideology; contemporary Art and experimental Rock Music worked to heighten the mood for a radical break with the past.; the late sixties brought about a lasting quest for creative fulfilment and financial independence. The prequel to ‘Life, Art and Freddie Mercury: 1968-70’.

It’s Not Personal: Letting Go And Gaining An Island

by Chris Roland

Under debilitating pressure and threat, I sat in the travel agent’s chair whispering into my cell phone, “I’m doing it, I’m buying the tickets. Are you sure?” I asked my wife, Lee-Ann. “Are you sure?” she asked. “I’m not sure of anything. I just know I’m sitting here.” Silence, and then, “Do it, buy them.”

The tickets might as well have been one-way since I booked them with no real commitment to actually return. That was our secret, and we had to protect it at all cost. I knew leaving the country would trigger immediate legal actions against us. It was the only solution, the only thing that would stop my aching, bleeding gut. There were forces that wanted to prevent us from ever checking in on that flight. The forces were palpable and wanted our souls.

It’s Not Personal – Letting Go and Gaining an Island is an extraordinary, inspirational, caustic, and humorous telling, of a husband and wife facing the loss of their business, home, retirement, and marriage, at the hands of a corrupt and incompetent government, and how their â??partners’ chose money and power over ethics and humanity.

Written from personal accounts by Chris Roland, a prominent American filmmaker living and working in Cape Town, whose life is turned upside down in the most egregious way, and the rocky spiritual journey that kept him from losing his mind.

Kelly Cochran. Killer.

by Stormy Barr

An anthology of True Crime with the most violent criminals… Kelly Marie Cochran is undoubtedly a name that will be marked by history. On May 16, 2018, she was sentenced to 65 years in prison for the murder of her husband, Jason Thad Cochran, age 27, just one year after her life sentence for the murder of Christopher Karl Regan. Now the center of the Investigation Discovery documentary “Dead North,” Kelly Cochran, age 34, has been accused of crimes beyond those sustaining her two sentences, including cannibalism and several other murders. According to Kelly’s brother, Colton Gaboyan, Kelly might be responsible for the death of nine other victims across the states of Michigan, Indiana, Tennessee, and Minnesota. With the potential body count of eleven, Investigation Discovery has pointed out that Kelly may be “one of the most prolific female serial killersâ?¦of modern American crime.” While Kelly is free to confess to these crimes without fear of incurring further charges, she has yet to respond to the accusations of cannibalism or to provide information on her other victims (though she has repeatedly claimed that there are indeed others). Now with the dismissal of primary investigator and Iron River Police Chief, Laura Frizzo, who had continued investigations into the possibility of Kelly’s additional casualties, the case has run cold.

Conspiracy Theories: Lost Cave Cities Of The Giants The Grand Canyon

by Cheryl Leonard

The magnificent landscape and beauty of the natural landmark, The Grand Canyon, is indescribable with its unique geological rock formations, archaeological discoveries, abundant wildlife species of animals and plants, monumental hiking trails and exciting river rafting expeditions. This natural phenomenon is attributed to historical mysteries and remarkable theories, one of them being the possible existence of a mysterious ancient lost civilization of giants, a subterranean city in the caves of the Canyon with Egyptian mummies and treasures. It would suggest that this race of giants would have preceded the Native American cultures of the region. Native Americans such as the Hopi have legends that describe Pre-Columbian visitation, forming advanced civilizations of Egyptian , Indian , and other unknown cultures.

This book is an introduction into the Grand Canyon’s origins, historical explorations, a detailed version of the G.E. Kincaid/ S.A. Jordan expedition, conspiracy theories , proposed cover up by the Smithsonian Institute, and the global discoveries of ancients giants existence. It is a quest to address these revelations to attain knowledge to determine whether evidence was suppressed, destroyed, or hidden through a pattern of secrecy, to search for the true history of mankind.


by Frank Tirico

They were serial killers who used guns as their weapons of choice.

Thomas Dillon was a draftsman with a side hobby…he liked shooting people. He would kill five people over a three-year period which required the involvement of the FBI to gain his capture. Meanwhile in the Soviet Union, he had a similar counterpart in Anatoly Onoprienko who was one of the most prolific serial killers in European history. Taking advantage of the fall of the Soviet Union, Onoprienko roamed from village to village, randomly murdering people for sport and pleasure. He would be nicknamed the “Terminator.”

â?«Ø¨Ø¯Ù?ع اÙ?زÙ?اÙ? اÙ?Ù?Ù?ذاÙ?Ù?â?¬ (Arabic Edition)

by Ù?ارÙ?Ù? عبÙ?د

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