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Triple Threat: An Erotic Space Opera Romance (Space Opera Harem Book 1)

by Brian Cross

An erotic space opera romance,

An engaging and riveting intergalactic story,

Accompanied by plenty of violence, sex, and alien controversy!

The Triunes were peacekeepers – super-beings of unparalleled strength, intelligence, and psychic power. Until the purge wiped them out.

Ghost watched his friends and loved ones die before his eyes.

 He was then forced to hide in the fringes of galactic space with his beautiful virtual intelligence copilot, Vi. Ghost is the galaxy’s last Triune, and anything but a hero.

After a mysterious hacker lures him to a high-stakes gambling tournament that goes awry, Ghost finds himself in the crosshairs of a cult-like paramilitary group bent on purifying the galaxy. The same group led by Theodor Tertullian, the man who killed his people.

With hiding no longer an option, Ghost teams up with a powerful team of goddesses, equipped with astonishing powers, in order to stop Theodor before he can create his own army of slaves.

“Triple Threat: An Erotic Space Opera Romance by Brian Cross is an electrifying literal symphony of sights, sounds and drama sure to delight science fiction and fantasy readers alike.” – Verified Amazon Review

Disclaimer: This is am 18+ sexy, action-packed, space opera harem thriller full of romance, intergalactic violence, gambling, sex, and everything in between! Leave your kids at home, and take your seat; we are about to take off! This is a harem fantasy for men and women alike, we have enough seats in the ship for your all!

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I have written a novel EVOL’S LOVE that will be introducing a world were angels, drugs, and money collide. Let’s not forget the demons strolling for cocaine and heroin alongside regular mortals searching for souls to collect on the same block.
This story follows two main characters Evol a djin from a place called outworld where he is a low-level street dealer and a soul collector. Evol wants to rise in the ranks of soul collecting he wants to be taken seriously he stands on a block much similar to the block of the other main character pope . pope and evol are in search of the same type of fortune and fame except pope is selling vials of cocaine and evol is selling vials of lust, vials of greed, vials of relief, vials of mortal feelings and moods that demons angels and other angelic creatures have never felt.
pope and evol both come from families of power somewhat similar. The only big difference is popes family collects money and evols family collects souls. pope and evol are the black sheep of there families and don’t get much help from their very successful families. As evol transitions his business of collecting souls to the world we know as earth he meets pope. Evol offers pope profit love and tax in return of his soul and the collection of other souls he informs pope that if God wants all the souls and the devil wants all the souls then why do mortals choose not to collect souls pope . evol ask pope what he sells he is then introduced to cocaine pope is also curious on what evol sells and is introduced to the vials of powder emotions in all different color powders depending on the emotion.Once they are both introduced to the vices of each other world they take the foreign drugs to their own neighborhood and get their clientele hooked to the new product. The new drug epidemic becomes way bigger than they imagine and pope collects more soul than evol ever imagined but in the mix of there climb to fame they fall in love with the same woman who is a beautiful angel with a halo angel wings and devil horns and a devil tail she cause confusion and disorder amongst the once business partners and somewhat friends . alongside the love triangle is an array characters like stiforp whois one of evols 7 siblings stiforp is a smuggler of all sorts he smuggles drugs and angels into hell and buys angels from heaven he eventually opens up brothel house inside heaven and hell while driving around in a diamond and gold horse and carriage listening to artists like dmx and jay z while pimping angels from heaven to hell n back while buying drugs from evol and pope. this book will allow you to look at a different outlook on life. The moment you pick this book up
, I need you to ask yourself would you rather A hundred thousand dollars or a hundred thousand souls by the time you finish this book you will feel completely different about your original answer there has never been book written like this ever before there will be many extensions of this books I have written books about each one of the siblings and they all tie into this first edition to what i will call the ELBIB

By Earth (The Witches of Portland Book 1)

by T. Thorn Coyle

Haunted by the dead, she fights for the living.
Cassiel thought she had outrun the ghosts, but here they were again, in Portland, Oregon, whispering in her ears. 
Between the ghosts and her imminent eviction, Cassie has trouble enough, and then Joe walks into the café.
Cute enough to be interesting, Joe is haunted and doesn’t know it. Haunted by a dead girlfriend who insists the city itself is in trouble.
Cassie and Joe -along with Arrow and Crescent coven- must unravel the mystery shaking the city apart. 
A mystery that may have killed Joe’s girlfriend. A mystery with corruption at its root.

Choice of The Mighty (Chronicles of Stephen Book 1)

by Kenyon T. Henry

Stephen, a young man with a powerful gift to hear and control thoughts of others, returns home to Saint Louis, Missouri after his good intentions led to tragedy. His mind being torn, and nearing insanity, paranoia starts to set causing him to think he is constantly being watched. With the help of his mentor, however, he begins to understand his gift and how to control it. As he begins to seek out his purpose, he is left asking, “Why me?”

Stephen soon finds himself an unwilling participant in a war that has waged for several millennia, and is forced to choose sides in a battle he never believed in. The deeper he goes the more he understands what is at stakeâ??his life, his soul, and even the fate of humanity. And, he can’t shake the feeling that something, or someone, isn’t quite what they seem. Is this feeling a sign of his paranoia returning? Will Stephen find the justice he seeks? Or, will his quest lead to vengeance and a thirst for more power? This modern day supernatural tale is filled with twists, suspense, and action, leaving you wanting for more!

The Skye Sisters

by Desiree .

The order of this series is as followed. Bambino, Opium, Delirious, and what you’re about to read. The Skye Sisters. With this story…I don’t know yall. I honestly have no way of explaining this. Alot of secrets are revealed, drama finally reveals itself. People aren’t who they say they are. People get shot. Protest are heard. Folks marching throughout the streets of Atlanta for justice. Violence, and crime break out. Young Loso signs his death wish on stage during a live show..Somehow these girls Tuesday, Monae, Savannah, and Devyn in the end, remained friends through it all. All while these Skye Sisters…these dark, rootworking women step foot in Atlanta and unknowingly unleash the inner rage, drama, and secrets of everyone that they come in contact with.
Supernatural events may or may not occur in this book. You’ve been warned.
…None of this makes since what I just wrote in the synopsis, but if you’re following this series? Chances are, you’re probably lowkey not even reading this or caring. Just downloading, and reading it.

Bitter: Book One

by V. Moody

Britta isn’t cool. She isn’t popular, she isn’t pretty. School life isn’t much fun, but that’s the way the world is. Which would be a terrible shame if this was the only world available.

Fully immersive virtual reality gaming allows Britta to enter a fantasy world where she can be whoever she wants to be. She can be tall, she can be thin, she can be beautiful. So she decides to be a gnome â?? short, hairy and plump. She’s never looked for other people’s approval before, she certainly isn’t going to start now.

Bitter is an ongoing slice-of-life story about a girl who finds her life isn’t what she wanted, so she gets another one.

Also available as a daily online serial on This book collects the first one hundred chapters in an edited form.

Witches Gone Wicked: A Cozy Witch Mystery (Womby’s School for Wayward Witches Book 3)

by Sarina Dorie

You think you know the world of magical boarding schools? Not from a teacher’s perspective at a school for at risk youth.

Like any twenty-two-year-old who grew up obsessed with fantasy novels, Clarissa Lawrence expects all her Harry Potter fantasies to come true when she is invited to teach at a school for witches. Her dreams of learning magic–and being a good teacher–are complicated when she finds out her deceased mother was the equivalent of the Wicked Witch of the West. As if being the new “arts and crafts” teacher isn’t hard enough at a school for juvenile delinquent witches, budget cuts are just as severe in the magic community, administrators are as unrealistic in their expectations of teachers, and the job is a hazard if the students find out you can’t actually do magic.

Amidst all these challenges, Clarissa must prove she’s not her mother’s mini-me and that she belongs at the school so she can learn to control her powers. If she fails, her powers will be drained, or worse yet, she might be enslaved by the Fae.
As if this isn’t enough pressure, she has to figure out why teachers are mysteriously disappearing. If she doesn’t, she might be next.

This is the third book in the WOMBY’S SCHOOL FOR WAYWARD WITCHES Series, but the first three books can be read in any order.

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