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Rosie’s Rage

by Carol A. Campbell

Rosie and Charlie Fontenot lives in the small Louisiana town of DeRidder, in the Pecan Grove Mobile Home Park. The same place where nine little girls (ages four to six) are missing from. Rosie with her flamboyant southern personality may appear harmless, just another old lady, but looks can be deceiving.
Rosie’s mind could never get over the traumatic event of Charlie having an affair, thirty-eight years ago. Charlie’s infidelity triggered Rosie’s psychotic murderous rage, leaving behind a long trail of horrific events and buried secrets.

Snow and the Seven Huntsmen: A Dark Reverse Harem Romance (Dark Fantasy Book 1)

by Zoe Blake

A Dark Reverse Harem Romance from USA Today Bestselling Authors Zoe Blake & Alta Hensley

This is no fairytale…
They’ve been sent to break me.
Not one, but seven.
They plan to steal my beauty, my innocence.
Seven Hunters to track me down and claim me as theirs.
I try to run, but it is hopeless.
They have caught me.
I am their prey, their prize, to do with as they please.
But I will capture something far more precious… the Huntsmen’s hearts.

Warning: In our Fairytales, there is danger in the shadows, the beasts bite and no Heroine is truly safe. If dark tales of danger, forced attraction and multiple partners offend you, then please do not purchase.

Vampire Knights: A Pulp Fantasy Tale

by Spencer Honor

In a last man standing tournament to determine which human will join the ruling vampire caste, a young slave with little life experiences has to overcome hardened warriors and other more battle tested contestants if he wishes to outlive his opponents and be declared the winner. However, in the course of the tournament, he learns that everything is not as it seems and becoming one of the VAMPIRE KNIGHTS may be his only path to victory.


by Ellis Finn

Bad luck leads Shane down a dreadful path. What should have been a simple drug deal with his friend Mark, turns out to be the worst mistake of his life. Due to a sadistic drug dealer and a crooked, racist, narcotics agent, Shane is tortured both physically and mentally in this blood spilling thriller.

Last People: A Post-Apocalyptic Survival series (Survival Love Story, Survival Horror)

by Adrienne Lee

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Last People: A Post-Apocalyptic Survival series (Survival Love Story, Survival Horror)

Desolation, mutations, death. It’s the end of the world for humanity, and with few survivors left on the planet, it’s not going to be long before the race vanishes forever.

After a nuclear war destroys the planet, people are fighting to survive in a world that is no longer their own. Mutated creatures have emerged, both through years of a new kind of evolution, and from the deep crevices that have been ripped into the planet’s surface.

But, there are those who refuse to give up, and with various compounds scattered throughout the land, people are fighting against the elements and trying to take back what has always belonged to them.

Maddix and Alexis are two of these people. Brought together through fate and refusing to be torn apart, they are willing to do whatever it takes to survive.

Trapped outside with creatures more terrible than anything they could have imagined, they know one wrong move could be their last.

Will they be able to face the harsh world they still call home, or has the human race finally come to a horrific end?

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The Dark Place: Comedy Series – Book 1

by Dungeon Lit

Before she died, Bucky’s girlfriend secretly modeled for a gaming company.

After her death, Bucky learns of the secret and enters รข??The Dark Place’, in search of his girlfriend’s replica.

He finds her captive in a dark dungeon. There Bucky faces a long-time enemy that is intent on making him watch her die again.

Bucky’s only friend, Eddy, desperately wants to help. Unfortunately, Eddy has never played a role-playing game (RPG).

To prepare for the deadly game, Bucky trains Eddy using a simple child’s RPG. Although it seems safe, the training game is more than they can handle.

Bucky gets help from his former butler, Jeeves. Unknown to Bucky, Jeeves is a detective.

He works undercover and is a secret agent spy. He has an attractive partner named Peggy.
Together, the two sleuths gather information on the evil force that lives within the dark castle.

This is a story of friendship, hatred, laughter, evil genius, revenge, surprise, and comedy.

Alone No More (Adrian’s Undead Diary Book 2)

by Chris Philbrook

Realizing you have a surviving neighbor after the world is overtaken by the undead isn’t always a good thing.

Unless that neighbor is the grumpy, armed and retired Green Beret Gilbert Donohue. In that case, finding out you’ve got a neighbor is a lot like hitting the proverbial jackpot. Adrian’s piecemeal life on campus since “That Day” has been a struggle. Retrieving supplies from local neighborhoods filled with the walking dead has been dangerous for him, but he’s stayed alive by being a little smarter than the other survivors, and a lot faster than the roaming, hungry zombies that have overtaken his home town, and the world.

In Alone No More, the second installment in the smash hit series Adrian’s Undead Diary, Adrian’s life is poised to become even more complicated and dangerous when some familiar faces find their way to ALPA with some less than friendly folks on their tail. For the first time the breadth of Adrian’s Apocalypse widens to reveal the death of one of the oldest cities of mankind in one of the most popular of all the AUD short stories: Jerusalem.

Sometimes in the cold of winter, the only thing that can keep you warm is freshly spilled blood.

Alone No More is the second entry in the AUD series, and covers Adrian’s journal entries from December 3rd 2010 through December 27th 2010. Intermingled with his personal diary entries Alone No More also contains five short stories. One Mistake: The Last Stand of Hall B, Putting a Name to a Face, Exodus, Jerusalem, and The Chief.

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