Free Kindle books for children and young adults for 01 Sep 18

#fangirlproblems: A Kpop Romance Book

by Jennie Bennett

Talitha wanted one thing: to meet X-O’s Chansol, and this was her chance. As a nineteen-year-old culinary student, she was too poor to see the Kpop group in concert, but at least she could watch them walking by at the airport. As X-O is about to arrive, an overzealous fan claws through, knocking Talitha over and ruining any chance at an encounter.
Heartbroken, she heads to work, expecting another routine catering service, until she walks in to find herself face to face with Chansol. Instead of reacting like a normal person she breaks down in tears. Fight or flight kicks in and Talitha runs outside only to bump into the Korean paparazzi.
Worse yet, Chansol has followed her, and the paparazzi chase them off the premise. She thinks their escape together is an accident, but his motives for choosing Talitha are much deeper than she expects.

Children’s Book: Little Blue Car Gets Lost: early readers book for young children written in rhyme (Bedtimes Story Fiction toddler books 3-5)

by Nora Luke

Little Blue Gets Lost is a bedtime story for young children written in rhyme.

The story features delightful color illustrations that are certain to be enjoyed by young readers of all ages.

Little Blue is now confident in his driving abilities and offers to go to the store for his mom.

She asks him if he’s sure he knows the way and Little Blue says that he does. However,

he soon finds that the city can be a confusing place and gets lost, needing help to find his way to the store and to get back home..

Young children will identify with Little Blue as he realizes that he perhaps still needs help and isn’t quite as grown up as he thinks.

Parents and teachers can also use the Little Blue Gets Lost story to teach children the dangers of getting lost,

being apprehensive, and asking for help when they need it,

while learning from their many life experiences as they grow up.

Little Blue Gets Lost is ideal for reading at bedtime with younger children.

However, older children will also enjoy reading this book on their own and be thoroughly entertained with Little Blue’s latest adventure in the big wide world.

Te amo, pero te odio libro I y II (Spanish Edition)

by Tomás B. Abarca

Jake ya despertó de su sueño, pero no todo volvió a la normalidad. Sus amigos se comportan de una manera extraña, y, por otro lado, una persona anda suelta en la ciudad tratando de vengarse por un hecho del pasado. ¿El amor florecerá en esta segunda parte de “Te amo, pero te odio”? ¿Qué es lo que sucede alrededor de Jake que se está saliendo de control? ¿Cuál habrá sido el significado de aquél sueño? Y, lo más importante, ¿cuál es la verdadera historia? Incluye, además, la primera parte de la trilogía.

AJ Brushes His Teeth

by Camie Rigirozzi

AJ is a seven year old caracal with many of the same problems as a seven year old human. He dislikes brushing his teeth, taking a shower and getting ready for school. He would much rather be playing video games or laughing with his friends. In his first hilarious book, see how AJ overcomes his aversion to brushing his teeth. Written in a short comic book style, this e-book is geared toward 5-9 year-olds who are like AJ: they have trouble finding the motivation to do the things Mom and Dad want them to do. See how AJ finds the motivation to brush his teeth and get to bed on time.

Childrens Book Little Blue First Drive: Teach children about what itâ??s like to do new things (story kids books)

by Nora Luke

Little Blue’s First Drive is a story for young children to enjoy at bedtime written in rhyme.

The story’s beautiful colorful illustrations are sure to thrill young readers of all ages.

Little Blue is a shiny new car and is looking forward to exploring the world on his first drive.

His parents have taught him about driving and what to expect on the roads on his way to his grandma’s house,

but this is his first solo trip.

Young children will identify with Little Blue as he experiences things for the first time.

Parents and teachers can also employ the story featured in Little Blue’s First Drive to teach children about what it’s like to do new things,

being scared sometimes, while also gaining self-confidence and learning from their experiences.

Little Blue’s First Drive is designed for bedtime reading with younger children. However,

older children will also enjoy this wonderful book on their own and be thoroughly entertained with Little Blue’s adventures.

School Is So Cool

by Ana Cristina Gluck

School is So Cool is the perfect book for young children starting school for the first time. Simple rhymes and colorful illustrations show everything little ones will do in the classroom while learning, making friends, and playing. A fun and educational reading for pre-school and kindergarten students who may be wondering what school is all about.

Clara’s Abominable Adventure

by John L C Barnes

After a series of strange sicknesses leave her classmates and other children around the world stranded in hospital, Clara Jones sets out to help her father find a cure. Can a legendary flower that is said to grow high in the Himalayas really provide the answer? Are the stories true, and what of tales about a mysterious furry monster that is said to dwell in that beautiful but dangerous region?

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