Free parenting and families Kindle books for 01 Sep 18

Outfront Parenting and Teaching: Strategies for Helping Children Handle Life Challenges

by Jordan Sim

Parents and teachers these days are faced with wide ranging issues when helping children, most often coming at them all at once! They often wonder how to best help children reach their social, emotional, and academic potential.

Outfront Parenting and Teaching gives parents and teachers strategies for handling these wide ranging challenges. This book covers teaching important social and emotional skills, study and homework skills, and ways to encourage positive behavior. Some of the topics in this book are: Helping children establish a sleep routine, Enhancing communication with children, Building emotional intelligence, Teaching children anger control, Helping children handle bullying, and Teaching study skills to support learning.

The author of Outfront Parenting and Teaching, Jordan Sim, works as a school psychologist in Kamloops, British Columbia. Sim writes parent newsletter articles on these diverse challenges parents and teachers face. These articles have been compiled into this book.

The Immortality Secret: Find your Quantum Double (Self Empowerment Book 2)

by Jorge Wilcke

This Book with Worksheet and examples will allow you to understand the unknown human reproductive system, by which we generate copies of members of our family clans in our children. This peculiarity is the generator of 95% of the problems, conflicts and diseases that we suffer, including the most serious of them. Use the manual provided to verify yourself the truth of this human reality today … and apply it in your life.
Understanding the Multidimensionality of the Soul, you will understand why this secret has been jealously hidden from humans, making impossible the Empowerment and the Deep Peace that we all crave for our lives.
You will understand part of the Soul, how a Double Quantum is generated in the Clan, who are your Quantum Doubles and also of the other members of the family …
This will determine all the relationship with the members of the Family Clans and the emotional derivations of the type of relationship.
Powerful, Transcendent and Profound this “Secret” will transform your life from today, giving you the possibility to understand the origin of what happens in it …..
Aware of this and what will support your evolution, after thousands of checks, we decided to make this book, which is not fiction, novel or theory, but a reality of human nature, present in all of us, that you can verify in your own experience of life with the simple tools and explanations that are provided …..
Thank you thank you thank you

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