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by A.K SAH

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The Marrieds and their Reasons: A Prequel Novella (Women of Promise)

by Natasha Metzler

Emma, Tecana, and Shari are three single women with reasons why they haven’t married.

Sandra, Becca, Erica, and Rachel are their best friends who are happily married.

While the Reasons are naïvely living single lives, the Marrieds are plotting their wedded bliss.

This ebook is a prequel to the full-length novel, Emma and the Reasons. In this book, meet the four Marrieds, discover glimpses into their own love stories, and learn why they have reasons of their own for matchmaking their friends!

Dragonfly Wishes

by Penny Harmon

Callie Daniels had it all – a handsome and loyal husband – a sweet and loving son. When death comes knocking at the door twice and they are both taken from her, Callie is suddenly struggling to find a reason to continue with her own life.

During an accidental overdose, she discovers that maybe her son is not lost to her forever when she sees a vision and her journey to understand what happens after death takes top priority.

In the middle of Callie’s quest to deal with her grief, she uncovers a secret that she just can’t ignore. These secrets lead her on a journey to understanding more about life than she ever expected to know.



A couple that lives in a remote cabin in the woods wakes one morning to find that they and their home have been hurled into a different time and dimension.
When the day began, it was just like any other. Or so it seemed. The sun had come up with its warm rays shining through the trees and into the bedroom window of the little cabin in the woods. Outside the window, birds are singing because spring has just begun. The daffodils have already burst through the ground and are in full bloom, their bright yellow blossoms are a welcoming sight after a long cold winter.
In the kitchen of the cabin, the sun is peeking through a window over the sink as a woman is putting on a pot of coffee. Above the sink, the clock says 8:35 A.M. as the woman goes to a cabinet, takes out two white cups and sets them on the table.
In the bedroom, her husband is just sliding out of bed and reaching for his pants, which are lying across a chair a few feet away. In a few minutes, they both will be sitting at the kitchen table having breakfast.
It is a Wednesday morning and the couple has been looking forward to the coming weekend. Both are tired from the many hours they’ve spent working around the cabin, but have finally gotten everything they wanted to do done. To reward themselves they decide to take a very long and deserved five-day weekend. They just want to stay at home and enjoy the next few days of early spring.
This day, however, will not be like any the couple has ever known. For that matter, it will be unlike anything that has ever happened throughout the entire world. It will be a day that time stood still!
What makes this day different?
Why is it important?
Half way around the world an event will happen that will cause worldwide panic. Everyone on earth will be thrust into chaos such as it has never known. What is this event? What is the chaos? This story will tell you. The most surprising thing isâ??much of this book is not fiction, but fact!

Smith Wigglesworth: How To Cast Out Devils

by Michael Yeager

Smith Wigglesworth was a man who walked in the Authority and the Power of Jesus Christ. Contained in this book are some of his personal experiences in casting out devils. There is much talk about exorcism in our present society, yet with very little results in bringing deliverance to tormented people. Smith had tremendous success in this area. As you read his teaching, theology, and testimonies may they energize, equip, and teach you how to set these poor tormented people free.
(also included in this book is some of the personal experiences of the author)

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