Free science fiction Kindle books for 01 Sep 18

The Jericho Singularity

by Joel Gerard

During the last fifty years, the level of the Dead Sea has dropped more than fifty feet, and land that has not been explored in over ten thousand years is suddenly dry and exposed. It reveals something never before seen by modern eyes, an immense cavern buried in the old sea floor, the walls of which have been carved with millions of perfect circles.

Tan Wu is sent to investigate, and struggles not only to uncover the meaning behind the massive inscription, but also to set the information free as the world’s governments and violent religious factions bear down on him to keep it hidden. What he discovers changes the world and everything we know about ourselves.


by Christopher Woods

Colin Rourke has been hunted his entire life by a race of creatures that travel through portals to our world to capture or slaughter people. The Soulguard, armed with the knowledge of how to harness the power of the Soul, are all that stand in their way. They wage a secret war in the dark, unknown to all but a few. Colin, raised in secret by two legendary Soulguards, has almost reached the age where he can join the struggle. He has abilities unseen for a thousand years and his very existence is a catalyst that could start a conflagration, consuming the whole world. Can he and the Soulguard stop what is coming? Or will our world be enslaved by the race only known as Demons?

Fevered Hills (The Fever Trilogy, Book 1)

by Keith Deininger

Martin is disturbed. After a nightmare trek through a war-torn landscape plagued by a spreading psychosis known as The Fever, the sixteen-year-old soldier returns home to discover that not even there is he safe from The War. Soon he meets Elizabeth, who might be a witch, and Richter, a hulking, former philosophy professor with a penchant for violence. Together they will learn of the true horror they now face: dark, insane and deadly…

Thus begins The Fever Trilogy, literary zombie fiction, extreme, disturbing and masterful.

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