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From Cleopatra to Hugo: History’s Most Legendary Love Affairs (Book 1)

by A. G. Mogan

History has many romantic stories to tell of the part which women have played in determining the destinies of nations. Sometimes it is a woman’s beauty that causes the shifting of a province. Again it is another woman’s rich possessions that incite invasion and lead to bloody wars.
Many men in private life have lost fortune and fame for the love of woman. Kings have incurred the odium of their people, and have cared nothing for it in comparison with the joys of sense that come from the lingering caresses and clinging kisses. Cold-blooded statesmen have lost the leadership of their party and have gone down in history with a clouded name because of the fascination exercised upon them by some woman, often far from beautiful, and yet possessing the mysterious power which makes the triumphs of statesmanship seem slight in comparison with the swiftly flying hours of pleasure.
The love story of Cleopatra and Marc Anthony has most attracted the fancy of poets, dramatists, novelists, and painters, from their own time down to the present day. But that story is not the only one. Let us now discover the most legendary love affairs of all times.

HARRY HOUDINI: A brilliant showman. The Worldâ??s Greatest Escape Artist (GREAT BIOGRAPHIES Book 1)


Harry Houdini

A brilliant showman

The World’s Greatest Escape Artist

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Throughout his life, he performed first in carnival sideshows, then in vaudeville, where he would share the stage with all manner of entertainers, and later, in his thrilling show, where he became the greatest magician and escape artist of all time.

Inside you’ll read about

  • Youthful Beginnings
  • First Attempts at Performing
  • Romance for Houdini
  • Hardeen
  • The Early Escape Act: The “Risey Incident”
  • The Great Illusion: Metamorphosis
  • The Welsh Brothers Circus Tours
  • First Fraudsters Exposed
  • Beginnings of Stardom
  • Werner Graff and the Houdini Legend
  • Houdini and the Tsar
  • Jailbreaks
  • Some of Houdini’s Signature Escapes Explained
  • How Houdini Died

And much more!
A brilliant showman, deeply interested in human psychology, and his life and work reflect these many interested, and he must have known the cachet being born in America would give his act. More than a little daredevil, Houdini performed feats never matched by any other person.

Benjamin Franklin: The Life of a Printer, Scientist, and Revolutionary (GREAT BIOGRAPHIES Book 1)


Benjamin Franklin

The Life of a Printer, Scientist, and Revolutionary

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Benjamin Franklin was not only a son, husband, brother, and scientist; he was also very popular and highly respected in the American colonies, England and France. Franklin was highly intelligent and a very generous and compassionate human being, who often woke up early and would ask himself what good he could accomplish that day.

Inside you’ll read about

  • Early life
  • Philadelphia: The beginning of a Master Mind
  • Near and Far: Family Life with Benjamin Franklin
  • Scientist: A kite, Electricity and Inventions
  • Bits and Pieces: Other Pieces of Benjamin Franklin
  • A Revolution: Benjamin Franklin and the American Revolution
  • The End of an Era: Benjamin Franklin’s Last Chapter

And much more!
Throughout his life, Benjamin Franklin was determined and hard-working. This book will be a focus of all the pieces in his life that helped make him Benjamin Franklin most people know.

The Bungalow

by Robert Black

An autobiographical piece, based upon the author’s experiences living in a cottage at Whale Bay, Raglan, New Zealand.

Uniquely Me: The memoirs and motivations of One Woman who dared to balance the many hats of life to live intentionally.

by Simone Stewart

I know my abilities. I know what I am good at. I know my dreams and aspirations, but why am I
struggling to achieve them all.

I offer advice and solutions, I teach children how to live, women how to be their best, wives how to pray
for their husbands, yet, I have my own marital struggles, my own career confusions, my own identity

Who am I really?

The constant change, to my self- image, my hair, my clothes, my makeupâ?¦in pursuit of the ideal woman!
Am I the perfect mother, what else could I do for the love of my children?

Boss lady yes or boss lady no, who’s the boss around here?

To have and to hold, yet why is everything seemingly slipping through my fingers?

Uniquely me, is what every woman has been waiting on, to answer the many questions in her head.
She’s been waiting on the perfect companion for her inner self talk, to quiet her fears, dry her tears and
hold her hands.

One’s woman struggles is another woman’s success, because she’s been there and done that.

Enter the world of a woman whose bent on living intentionally.

How to disappear into thin air

by William Blake

Privacy. What’s wrong with it in the 21st century? It simply does not exist! Today, every time you use your phone your location is noted, we freely share copious pictures and exhaustive information about our personalities on social media, you share sensitive data when you connect to the free Wi-Fi in your favorite café, the history of your credit card purchases can tell someone more about you than your nosey neighbor, and maybe even now someone is spying on you with the help of an allegedly turned off webcam.

Disappear into thin air tells about people who tried to disappear and stay hidden despite the complexity of implementation. However, there is no information about attempts that were crowned with success. That’s why they are called successful.

Ellen DeGeneres: 110 Facts You Need to Know!

by Jessica Stewart

Discover 110 Amazing facts and secrets about the hilarious Ellen DeGeneres!

Do you know everything there is to know about Ellen DeGeneres? In 110 Facts You Need to Know about Ellen, author Jessica Stewart brings you 110 fantastic facts about your favorite comedian, including:

  • Her outlook on life
  • What her life was like before the fame
  • Her weird hobbies and habits
  • Her best quotes
  • What drives her crazy
  • Funny Stories


1984 And The Spanish Civil War: Forgotten Stories From Spain

by Paul Read

In 1937, George Orwell spent six months witnessing the rise and fall of the popular revolution on the streets of Barcelona and Catalonia. Alone amongst his contemporaries, Orwell understood what the success or failure of that Spanish Revolution would mean for the rest of the world. The lessons he learnt, were explained in the three books he wrote upon his return.

1984 And The Spanish Civil War – the 2nd book in the â??Forgotten Spain Series’ – tells this story and asks:

*How far was â??1984′ and â??Animal Farm’ the inevitable conclusion to all Orwell had witnessed in those brief months he spent in Spain?
*Why was his work so unanimously rejected by his contemporaries in England?
*Was the revolution Orwell witnessed in Barcelona crushed forever by the end of the war, or did it slide into hibernation, awaiting the present conditions for revival?

Praise for 1984 and The Spanish Civil War:
“Paul has achieved in a concise volume what others have failed in far more voluminous accounts.”
“An interesting read if you are new to Orwell or the Civil War in Spain…Highly recommended”.

The Forgotten Stories from Spain Series brings you accounts of human bravery and spirit at a moment of unleashed cruelty during the Spanish Civil War. Stories of co-operation that have a universal message that remains as relevant to the world today, as it was in Spain during the 1930’s.

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